Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Dax

Wed., April 3, 2013
[fyi, I sent pix of Baby Dax...]
He is adorable! He will be so big when I get home! Is Ashtyn super excited?! Yes i got all your letters, it ended up being three letters. :) that's cool about the wallet sizes, so i can always have them with me, but they have thin photo albums in the book store for pictures that i was going to get when i get them. You are welcome for all the details, sorry it took me so long to get them to you. That is super cool about grandpa tolman, can't wait for the package. [fyi, Grandpa Tolman's article made the Deseret News]

Here are some things that happened this week. .
Sunday: Easter was awesome, it was such a fun day. We had sacrament at 7:30 as usual but instead of taking the sacrament then, they tried something new this year. . we took the sacrament at the beginning of the mission conference. *side note: while we were all waiting in line to get into the devotional, we waited outside
b/c we didn't want a repeat of what happened when we waited inside, the security people were getting mad at us because everyone in line was talking and it was disturbing the spirit that was there. So the group ahead of us started singing, and we all joined in switching back and forth between groups choosing songs. the spirit that was felt having everyone singing (it was a huge line winding around the couple buildings that were there, we sang different hymns, a child's prayer, the EFY medley, come thou fount, and such. Well we were in the middle of the EFY medley again when this kid goes out into the middle of this little courtyard that was there and just starts yelling at us to cease this loud singing, I guess there were two different songs being sung, probably one towards the back and then us towards the front, he said it was causing a spirit of contention and that was of the devil. we all thought it was a joke. . .but he was dead serious, he went off for a good 2-3 minutes and was crying when he got back in line. it was crazy and everyone was silent not knowing what to make of what just happened. after the shock wore off, we started singing again, making sure not to overlap if we heard others singing. Yea i could see where he was coming from with having the songs seem in competition, but to stop everyone and start preaching (like a reverand almost, is how it seemed to us) about how we were killing the spirit was a little much. Cuz everyone in our groups/zone that was singing, you could totally tell they were feeling the spirit, it was so strong to have that many missionaries singing because they want to. i know everyone feels the spirit differently, but you can be happy and feel the spirit, you don't have to be crying. Anyway, back to the sacrament, it was amazing! the sacrament was passed to over 3000 people, in the main auditorium and the overflows, in about 15 min. it was so cool! then we heard from the presiding bishop, Brother Causse. On our sunday walk up by the temple we got pictures of the people in our zone who were up there that left mon/tues. so sad to see them leave but excited for them at the same time, i will explain in more detail when i send my card home, when it is full. it was such a beautiful day for a walk. For the sunday night devo, Sherri Dew came to speak to us. she is always amazing when she speaks, i loved hearing her speak when she came for forums.

Tuesday: Well Elder Cobb (our DL) came back with the mail monday night after dinner he gave me a slip that said that i had a package. i was excited cuz i thought it was the backpack. .oh was i wrong. I went and picked it up tues morning and saw that it was from Cydni Tongish, a great surprise. I couldn't wait to open it later that day. So when i opened it I couldn't stop smiling. She sent me a med/large "Box of Sunshine". EVERYTHING was yellow!! i took pictures of it before and after i unloaded it, you will see them when i send my sd card. but it basically made my day cuz it was raining all morning, when i opened it the sunshine literally came out!

yes, of course i am taking pictures, I haven't changed that much. as much as i love this camera, i miss everything my green one can do. But i am waiting til i fill my card or at least almost fill it before i send it. if that is okay.

last thing, stamps. so sending that envelope used 3 i have 3 left, should i ask you for more or just see if i can get a book here? not really sure what to do with that.

Hope la vida is Bueno!! Bueno suerte con todos!!
Mucho amor!!!!!!
Hermana Snow

Hey another thing, so i have had the song 'For Good' (like the one from Wicked) in my head for a few days but don't remember all the words, would you mind sending me the lyrics so i know them? por favor. If you could send them via snail mail i would get them faster than in a email. muchos gracias!
Hermana Snow

few things
got your dearelder., no i have more than one sd card, so i will get writing that letter explaining the pictures.
in my personal study this morning i was reading in alma and came across a couple scriptures i thought you guys would like. Alma 37:47 and Alma 38:15. when you read them you will figure it out, let me know what you think. [fyi, our family motto is "Be Safe, Be Smart & Brad would add Be Sober]
I will respond to the dearelder in more detail in a letter.
until then, i am reaching a close to my p day! It has been a FANTASTIC day!
Hermana Snow

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