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Wed., March 27, 2013
I sent a letter home Monday morning in hopes that you would get it before you left for St. George, but if not you will have a surprise waiting for you all when you get back. It answers your questions from the dearelders you sent me. Also in the letter, I mention that I saw Elder Siggard, but he didn't know who I was until I told him I was Shayla Snow's older sister. ha ha but it is Super weird to be going on a mission with people that are Shayla's age and some she went to school with...
The first few days went by uber slow...but now we have been here for two weeks!! Cannot believe it! It feels like the weeks are just a couple days, Sunday then Tuesday, then Wednesday, then start all over. Like I said a lot of what I had to say is in the letter. But things are going great, we are all getting into the groove and rhythm of things. I am still learning a ton everyday, even though yesterday I was completely exhausted, and that is not an understatement, I was just physically, mentally, and emotionally e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d. But all is well now I'm doing better and just going from day to day.
Last nights devotional was a bittersweet. While we were waiting in line my companion passed out. We were thinking it was a combo of a few things, but all of a sudden she just fell, hitting two of our Elders in the back of the legs and they thought someone was picking a fight, until they turned around and saw Hermana Andreasen on the ground. They all went in to help but remembered that they couldn't touch her b/c of the MTC rule that the only contact between the Elders and Sisters is a handshake. We even have an Elder who is an EMT and he couldn't even do anything. But it was really cool to see how much they care and that they were instantly trying to do what they could.  We were all super scared, but we got it all taken care of and she is doing better. Anyway, the devotional last night was awesome!! The speaker was Lawrence  E. Corbridge from the Seventy. He wrote a talk called "The Fourth Missionary", that I mentioned in one of my talks, and that Cyndi told me to bring with me. So it was cool to hear from him.
Any who, let me know what you hear/find. Hope everything is going well with the family, etc. until next week.
Hermana Snow

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