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Wed., April 10, 2013

wow got the pictures. oh just a small disaster. . no big deal. haha keep me updated on that
aren't those scriptures great? haha so yes our family motto is legit.

Sunday night: hermana Clark was not doing so good, she is the other sister who got a concussion, her and her comp met up with us after the devotional (with vocal point, the BYU a ccapella group- who are super awesome!!), we decided to go practice our departure song with everyone. she started sitting then ended up laying on the ground cuz her head hurt so bad, and she was starting to cry, so we called it a night. before we left the elders decided to give her a blessing to help her get through the night. we were helping her walk cuz she was super dizzy and not doing good. the building we were in has stairs before you hit the doors to go outside, well at the bottom of the stairs and she started balling and her legs gave out, of course this would be the time that EVERYONE in the building had to all come out at once. they were passing all asking if Hna Clark was alright . we all were like yea she just doesn't feel well, trying to get them to keep moving. we were planning on carrying her to our residence to get her settled and warm, but the EMT in our district is like we need to get her to the main office, something is really wrong. you know how people are dumb, they kept asking the elders if they were going to help or if they could help and they tried not to yell at them, but they were all 'if we could do something we would be doing it now. ' but we got her to a couch by the main desk, laid her down and got the MTC EMT's who took their dear sweet time on coming to check her out. Anyway, as she was laying down she was crying and shaking and saying that it hurt to breathe, so to the ER for a third time she went. Our poor district has gone thru too much between her and Hna Andreasen. Hna's Clark and white got back around one, when we talked to them mon morning, Hna Clark was hooked up to a portable heart monitor that monitored her heart and all this different stuff, that she had to wear for 24 hours, and they said that she had to be under "residence arrest" for a week, no reading/studying, no writing, no nothin. Yesterday she went to get the monitor off and they basically told her to go home to get better, since she has had pre-existing anxiety, depression and stress related stuff happen throughout her life and recently. So she called her parents and they got her about 5:00, we all took pictures in front of the map and as a district, our zone leaders even showed up to see her off, it was tender. :) right before we watched her walk away, since she couldn't hug the elders, we did a 'district hug' where all us hermanas were hugging in the middle and the elders were huddled around the outside of us. it was pretty cool. But now us hermanas are in a trio until we leave. in like two weeks for the now two people going to Mesa and who knows how long for us going to Argentina.

We have the meeting/ interview with the consul this morning at 9. hopefully i can have a chance to email you how it went later.

Yesterday i got a thank you note from Hermana Andreasen's parents saying how thankful and grateful they were that i was there to take care of their daughter and be there for her during this time that she needs to get better and they hope for success on my mission. It was so nice and almost made me cry considering the events that happened yesterday.

well hope everything with you guys and the house is going well. keep me posted on what goes down with everything, por favor.
Not sure if you have sent the package or not. i got the short dear elder that you sent from your phone but haven't seen anything otherwise.
I should figure out how to say our family motto in spanish
Mucho amor!!

Hermana Snow

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