Monday, December 30, 2013

Transfers . What? It has been 6 weeks!

Today is transfers. But before I talk about that...we had a baptism this past week of Leila, the little 9 year old chica [girl] that was always ready and excited to go to church with us. The baptism was awesome and she was just so cute and happy. But I think the best part was that her whole family was there to support her in this decision, minus her dad who was working. But it was so cool to see so many people there for her.  Woo, this church is true! 

As mentioned before, today is transfers, we got calls late Saturday night.  Hna Acha is opening up a new area with Hna Rodriguez from Pinamar, and I...drum staying in Dolores with a new Sister that I will be training. Oh dear haha I´m going to be a mom. haha yay my first hija [daughter] in the mission. We will have to see how this transfer goes.  But time is passing rapidly, with the new year, then with me being in ARG for almost 5 months...then the next (in like a week and a half) I hit 10 months I still don´t know how that happened. But oh well, I have to enjoy it while I can. 

Sorry don't have much time today [emailing from Banfield as it is transfer day]. I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year!  Love you all! 
Hna Snow
9 year old Leila with her family minus her dad who had to work

Best Christmas Ever!

Wed., December 25, 2013
11:05 am MST

Got to Skype with Dani from her Branch President's home. We talked for a good hour and a half. She kept wiping her face as she was sweating in the 100+ degree temps. Homes are nicer in Dolores but no one has A/C. Brad thought he'd cool her down a bit by opening the blinds and showing her the white snowy backyard and the mountains which she misses just as much as she misses her family. Didn't work but she definitely enjoyed the view. She looks great - lost quite a bit of weight. Has tan lines. Usually wears her hair pulled back. Due to the humidity it is out of control. She said she can handle the heat - she just HATES the humidity.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Q & A

Q: Does your area cover more than just Dolores?
A: No, because Dolores is in the middle of nowhere and we only cover half. The elders cover the other half. 
[as in E. Carlson]

Q: Are you keeping track of your total # of Baptisms?
A: Of course. I write the name and date of each person.

Q: Are you keeping contact information of ARG friends so you can keep in touch after your mission?
A: Of course again. Those that I become close to I write them a letter with my emails and face book
(fb only if I really really like them haha jk)

Q: Are you writing more detail in your journal than you are in your emails?
A: Yes, I am. Sorry about that but since coming here for some reason it is always an anxious time when emailing b/c there is so much I want to say I have to pick and choose-

Q: How many friends/family are you emailing on each P-Day?
A: Depends, on how many I receive. But the over all email I send to you all, Cyndi, Sister Davis and whoever else I feel like sending it to that week. haha

Q: Read about a horrible storm on Elder Carlson’s blog - you didn’t mention it - were you in same area?
A: Not sure which storm he mentioned. what was the date, we have had a couple storms. But there was a horrible storm when we were in Olmos/ La Plata for zone things a couple weeks ago.

Q: How are you adjusting to the humidity?
A: It is different. The heat I can handle but in this moment the humidity is killing me. And we don´t have a fan in our pension...yea.

1. We got to have lunch today in casa de la mision, with....Zona La Costa!!! Yep, I got to see my dear zone again. That was like a Christmas gift in and of itself. haha
2. I got your package and was able to give Hna. Blanco the recommend cover. She sends much much thanks!!! Thanks for everything and now we know it takes about a month to get here. 

Feliz Navidad, Feliz Año Nuevo, y happy siesta [Merry Christmas Happy New Year and Happy Siesta]

I love the holiday season. But it is going to be a little different, seeing how there is no snow and it is deathly hot with humidity. Oh how great right? But nevertheless the work must go on.  Although with the siesta time in the afternoon there is quite literally no one in the street. And when we try to knock on doors, most the time no one answers, but those few times when they out because here the siesta is a sacred thing and they always look like they are going to hurt someone. So with that and everyone spending the holidays in La Costa the work is slow and will probably be like this until after the new year...Yay :)

Today we got to travel to the mission home to have hamburgers with the zone and the zone from La Costa! Needless to say I was super excited to see my amigos [friends] from the coast.  It was a lot of travel. Waking up at 4 am to be ready to bike about 20 or so minutes to the terminal to catch the bus at 5:45 for a three hour trip to La Plata, to catch a train for an hour and a half to Banfield. Yea, there is no easy way to travel to anywhere from Dolores, haha.
Luckily the Mission home is only a couple blocks from the train station. But the hamburgers were super good, with watermelon, how delicious!! And it was like a Christmas gift in and of itself to see my friends from La Costa.  

Hna Blanco told me some rather great news. So remember the family Gomez? - .....Well...Hna y Hno Gomez [Sister & Brother Gomez] have set a date to get married for the 13 of January!!!!! I almost screamed of joy when she told me this. And I am still beyond happy when I think about it. What better gift/news to receive than to have a great family make their way to become an eternal family forever. 
And through her [Hna Blanco], a few of them were able to send me letters including pix. I got one from Antonela, the first one to be baptized in the family (by Elder Day) with a pix at her baptism. The next was Alexis the youngest of them and the second to last child of the family to be baptized also with a pix of us at the baptism. The last letter was from Joana, the last of the kids to be baptized and the oldest child. With reading all of the letters I was happy and almost cried to hear about how well they are doing. But what really got me was that Joana has set a goal to go on a mission. In her words (in English) ¨to be a missionary like you guys¨  oh my heart melted. It is incredible the influence that we have on everyone. Whether we realize it or not, people notice us, it is a huge privilege to be able to influence them for good as reps of Jesus Christ.  

In Dolores, we have great investigators, with one chica [girl] Laila, that is going to be baptized this week. I think I have mentioned her before, and she is super excited that she received permission from her dad to be baptized. She is always ready and excited to go to church, even with walking 30 min in the heat to get there. And this past week her older sister who is less active joined us.  

This work is real and the miracles and blessings are real. The sad thing is that sometimes people don´t realize the simplicity of the work that needs to be done to receive those blessings.
I hope you all remember the True meaning of Christmas and get to share that with all your loved ones. Christ came to this Earth for one purpose, the purpose to give us all a shot to live again with him and our Father in heaven with our families.  May you always remember the sacrifice of our older Brother Jesus Christ and I hope that you all simply have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Con Much Cariño [with much love],
Hermana Nieve [Sister Snow]

Monday, December 16, 2013

Once there was a Snow(wo)man . .

Primer [First], it does not feel like Christmas. Sad but true. Probably porque no hay nieve [because there is no snow]...pero, como un hombre (o mujer) de nieve [but as a man or woman of snow] I feel like I am melting...porque [because] it is all of 36-38 grados [degrees] (98-102 degrees +humidity...woo) 

As for la obra misional [missionary work]. One day we went hunting for nuevos investigadores cuando encontramos una familia, [new researchers when we find a family] well los chicos were afuera [the boys were outside]. We talked to them and asked if we could come back en un otro momento [at a time], they said Sunday. So yesterday we went back and found uno de las hijas en esta familia [one of the daughters in this family]. She allowed us to share the message of the restoration with her and she listened with pure intent and interest. It was amazing. We weren´t even distracted by the heat or anything.

Again as I gave the first vision, looking into her wide eyes she had that spark of interest in them. Ahhh, it was so cool.  After sharing and explaining the work of Profeta José Smith [Prophet Joseph Smith] we asked her how she felt and what she thought about it, her response ¨rado¨(strange). haha I liked that response. Most people just say good. But you could tell that something had sparked in her and she had that eagerness to find out more. We gave her un Libro de Mormón [a Book of Mormon] and asked her to read the intro that would explain a bit more about the Libro and José smith [book and Joseph Smith] then to pray about the message and what she read.  

As we were leaving, I asked if there was a number we could reach her at. She said she didn't have a phone at the moment entonces [then] no number to reach her. When just then her sister popped out of the cocina [Kitchen] (we thought we were the only ones in the house...surprise) and offered her number.  Little did we know that she had been listening the whole time. How cool, right?  We took her number, gave her the folleto of La restauración y un Libro de Mormón with lo mismo [brochure of  the Restoration and a Book of Mormon with the same] reading assignment. Wow, we left happy that is for sure.  

It is definitely those times that make the times of waiting and trying to find those who are ready to hear this mensaje [message] totally worth it. When you find them that have that spark inside and are truly prepared to listen.

This gospel is amazing, and it is great to be able to be here sharing it with all we can. Even through the hard times. But hey, the Lord said it would be worth it. He didn´t say it would be easy.  In the words of Elder Holland ¨Salvation is not a cheap and easy experience.¨

Happy Holidays to all. Les espero que pueden disfrutar a todos!! 
Les Quiero un montón. [I hope you can enjoy all. I want to a lot]
Hermana Nieve [Sister Snow]

Monday, December 9, 2013

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Hola to all, 
This weekend we had a baptism of a sister who has had about 2 or 3 fechas para bautismal [baptismal dates] in the past. But this time she finally did it! I guess she has a real fear of water. As she was walking into the font she was shaking and really nervous. And ironically the hno had to perform the ordinance twice, b/c her feet popped out.  After the first one she almost walked out of the font saying that she can´t do that again. But after calming her down telling her to breathe and to bend her knees, she was able to calm herself down enough to do it again. The second time it worked, oh the poor señora was shaking so much when she came out of the font, but She Did it!!!! It was a great service and it just goes to show with faith and confidence in the Lord we can face our fears. And her poor son who was sitting in the front row, was super scared and nervous for his mom.  How cute? You could really tell a difference in her after she came out of the font, she had a special light about her. And after her confirmation (her son up there with her :) )  she had that glow and smile about her that only comes from being cleansed of sin and starting a new life.  

I always love Fast and testimony meeting, especially with los chicos, [the boys] they are adorable!  We had a few go up and bear their testimonies. They are really the sweetest most innocent testimonies, reminding us that we are all children of our Heavenly Father and that this is the true church.  We really have the true way to be happy for now and for eternity.  

Entonces, [Then] thus the title (one b/c I love Disney and two b/c its true), with a little faith trust and pixie dust (oh the spirit)...we can accomplish those things that are hard and overcome our fears. Sometimes we have to walk blindly into the dark and have the faith that someone is there to lead us or catch us if we fall.  

I hope you all are getting in the Christmas Spirit and enjoying the season, it is a little weird menos [less] the snow and all. Pero Bueno [But well].

Have a great week! 
Hna Snow

 Baptism of Angela


The Zone
[I believe E. Carlson is back row 3rd from left]

Q & A
Q: What do you miss the most?
A: the, fam, bbq, and the mountains

Q: Are things getting better with your companion?
A: very little by little

Q: Can you keep in touch with Hna. Blanco regarding the Gomez Families progress?
A: not really, we can only have communication for things with the mission, so I don´t think I can ask her about that sadly. 

Q: So did you officially meet Elder Carlson?
A: yes, he is in my district and in this area/ward with us
Q: If yes to above question, who connected the dots first?
A: me, but he said something about it first 

Q: Do you get to drink pop?
A: yes, b/c we are not supposed to drink the water

Q: What’s your favorite ARG food?
A: all of it...pastas and empanadas [pies]. But seriously all of it is good. 

Q: Do they have Avocados or Artichokes?
A: avocados yes, artichokes no idea, I haven't seen them yet

Monday, December 2, 2013

Q & A

Q: What is your companions name?
A: Hna Acha. She is 20.
Q: Where is she from?
A: Bolivia
Q: Do you get along okay?
A: Yes and no. Yes, we get along, but this area has no organization and I always feel like there is a bit of tension and not much spirit and I think she has multiple personality disorder...she tends to talk out loud to herself and such.
Q: What is your new apartment like?
A: Really old. It is the old house of our bishop. It is big, but honestly disgusting. Last week we tried cleaning it the best we could but I don't know what else to do without taking a torch to it. At least we have a nice and cleanish bathroom.
Q: How do you get around?
A: Bicis [Bikes] there are no collectivos [?] in Dolores. It is either bici [bikes], caminando [walking] or auto.
Q: Is your language getting better?
A: Yes. It has gotten better. It helps having native companions.
Q: How big is the district there?
A: We have 8 people in our district and 18 in our zone.  We are the only sisters minus the senior couple in our district.
Q: How’s the weather inland?
A: Hot. With a bit of humidity.
Q: What about the wild life, ie, bugs, animals, etc.
A: Luckily I have not seen any large spiders yet. But we have a lot of frogs and mosquitos (I have a total of 20 or so bites) and there are a lot of horses everywhere and still dogs and the usual.
Q: How often do you have district meetings as missionaries?
A: Every week on Tuesday.
Q: Have you been able to see any sights in your new area?  And what are they?
A: No b/c there are none. Dolores is literally in the middle of nowhere. 
Q: Would you still like some quotes?
A: Yes please, when you can. Thanks.

Hola personas [people]

The weeks are just going by way too fast now and I realized I will hit 9 months next week. Personally I'm not a fan...I don't want to be half way done with my mission. That is just crazy.  I am starting to get to know the area of Dolores a bit better now and the people.  We have a couple of good investigators.  One is named Ruben, and everytime we teach him it is a theatrical show. He is very into using his hands to demonstrate things and he has a lot of good deep questions. And he is one that talks really really fast. haha but he has a testimony and attends church. There is just a few things that he needs to get over before he gets baptized. Which he has set a date for the 5th of Jan. haha he is a riot. The other is a family we came across trying to find someone else.  We started out teaching the dad but ended up focusing on the son more - he is 12 years old and knows a lot about the Catholic church. He has a ton of ??'s and wants to learn more. It is pretty great.

And a funny thing, we are studying the teachings of Lorenzo Snow. I get the ? a lot of are you related to Pres. Snow?  Sadly no not Lorenzo. haha

Well until next time.

Hna Snow

Monday, November 25, 2013

Dolores: Middle of the mission or middle of nowhere!

As far as the area goes it is rather large. We live on the outskirts. It is the campo [field] and reminds me a lot of Idaho. Haha but it is like Pinamar and Ostende smushed into one. Menos la arena, [less sand] but the roads...haha, the dirt roads, it is like mountain biking without the mountains. I am still getting to know the people and area (it is a little hard without many of the streets having signs.) But the members seem really nice and they talk a million miles an hour . . oh dear. We are in a barrio [district] it is little different than a rama [branch] but not much.  I have a calling in the YW's as one of the Counselors and ayer [yesterday] I taught the class (okay so it is all of 3 girls and 2 Leaders). I have never taught a YW class much less in Spanish, but it went better than I anticipated. It is amazing what the spirit can help you with.
We have a chaotic family of investigators and every time we go they have un montón [a lot] of questions for me because I am from estados unidos [the United States] and they all talk at once...they asked me to pray in Engish...yea, it was really really hard.  I started in English but ended up finishing in Spanish. Haha that is a good sign right?
Pero [But] in reality, I think Heavenly Father has put me on the fast track to something. I just am not sure what it is yet. I am not sure what wheels are turning or what he has in store for me. But I can´t wait to find out and see what it is. During our district meeting this week I was pensando [thinking] about some things. Looking back now on the past 3 months or so I have definitely changed. I can see that when I worried about the language and the other little things, I was stressed, couldn´t focus on nada [nothing] and didn´t progress. But when I let Heavenly Father take over, focused on the work and loving the people and having a positive atitude, that is when I could see the progression in myself. Even in those dificult times if I found even a ray of sunshine or algo [something] to smile about it made all the difference. That is when I found the most enjoyment in the mission. Siempre [always] trying to find the brightside (and yes sometimes it is more difficult than other times). 
The numbers matter but not as much as the people and our true purpose for being out here serving the Lord, because it is true. We really have the truth.  This time really is too short to worry about the little things. I know that while we are out here on the front lines, if we are always striving to do our best the Lord really will do the rest. We need to enjoy this time and learn as much as we can because it will be over before we know it.
Have a semana maravillosa! [wonderful week]
Les quiero, [I'd like to]
Hna Snow

P.S. Elder Carlson is in my District...Haha, small World.
[Elder Carlson is my college roommates son]

Monday, November 18, 2013

Bah, so much in such a short time

Well, first off I can´t believe it has been 6 weeks already, time literally just flies by.  Anywho, my surprise...Saturday we had the opportunity to listen to...wait for it...Elder Holland. Yep, in the flesh. It was a conference for all the missionaries in this mission. Bs As norte y Bs As oeste. [Buenos Aires North and Buenos Aires West] Pero, [but] it was INCREDIBLE!!!!! He is an amazing man, that is for sure. To be able to feel the spirit super strong, be crying and wanting to laugh all at once, takes skill.
He started out by saying he wanted to tell us just one thing, that he loved us, but that he was going to take a little bit of time doing it. (como a little over an hour) it was so cool to see him as a person. He was so animated and personal, it was a bit different than when we see him in General conference. There were un montón [a lot] of things I wrote down (of course) but a couple things that were really cool were...
1. He said that we were apostles just like him the only difference is that we are apostles with a lower case instead of an upper case. We are all called of God to preach the gospel. And that is what he does everyday.  How cool is that? 
2.  With all his emotion he told us to ALWAYS remember and NEVER forget what we learned and how we felt on our missions. And that it is one of the most devastating things to see, a returned missionary who forgot those things that he learned. So yea, it was pretty amazing to hear all of that and get the opportunity to hear him as a missionary.

Next, we had transfers this week.......yea...I am transferred. My first in the mission, technically. And I am not going to lie I was a bit emotional. La Costa is a mission of its own because of how far away it is from everything...and we became so close as a zone and district it was hard to say goodbye. And besides our zone leader Elder Day [from Brian/LuWana's Ward] who is going home, I was the only one that I get to journey on my own to Dolores. It is a place kinda like La Costa, only it is like smack dab in the middle of the mission. [fyi, Delores is where my friend Teresa Lewis' son Elder Carlson is now serving - they will finally meet].
Besides saying goodbye to the zone and all that I had grown accustomed to, I think the hardest part was not being able to say goodbye to anyone in Ostende. We found out the changes Thurs. night and left for Banfield Friday morning. [Mission conference and mission home are located in Banfield]. I didn´t get a chance to thank anyone for their service and example and tell them how much I love and learned from all of them. And I didn´t realize just how much I had grown to love all of them.  Often times we don´t know what is going to happen until it happens, so really, don´t wait for a good moment to tell someone how much you appreciate them or love them or help someone that needs you or whatever, because one day you might find that you missed the chance.
It will be a change, but I know that, just like Idaho, I finished what I needed to do in the rama pinamar [Pinamar Branch] and in Ostende and that the Lord needs me somewhere else to find His lost sheep. This is just another opportunity to learn and grow. And after all the emotions (which I have found out I have a lot on this mission) I am excited to see what more the Lord has in store for me.
Love you all, Have a great week!!
Hermana Snow

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hola familia y mis amigos!

So I realized in the email last week I mentioned that I was in Banfield and Buenos Aires yet again...but I didn't expound...oh, what happened...whoops. Anywho yes, Hna Barrett and I were in Captol for tramites [paperwork] last week. The good news we got it all taken care of within like 45 min of arriving at the Registro [registration], I know super fast. The bad news our FBI forms and fingerprints were they sent us home with our passports to get fingerprinted here in Pinamar. 

During the week we went to first the Policia [Police] Federal where they told us to go. They then told us that we had to go to the Policia Provincia [Police Province] we did- but they told us we were missing a signature on our forms...oh, here we go again. After talking to Hna Aguin (la [the] Hna over all of this) she told us that we could get the firma [signature] of Pres. Thurgood and that would suffice. Since he came down for our Conferencia de Distrito [District Conference] (como [as] stake conference or algo asi [kind of]). So today, we headed back and got that all taken care of. Whew. We just hope that we are done with all the traveling and the paper work for now.

We have had a lot of difficulty with our area in finding people to teach and our asistencia in la capilla [assistance in the Chapel]. And it seems like right now all the problems seem to be boiling up to the surface...oh dear...but, don't fret, this week was definitely a turning point for us, or for me at least. I have a determination like never before on my mission, to help the members of this rama [branch] and the few investigators that we have.  After much prayer and a bus ride back to Ostende after trying for our fingerprints the first time, I had some ideas come to me about what we can do and how we can help. 
So, with this newly found determination the four of us Hna's de la rama de Pinamar [of the Branch of Pinamar] are going to flip this rama [Branch] upside down and help los miembros [the members] and menos activos [less actives] remember why it was that they were converted to this Gospel and why they were baptized. I can't wait to see what happens.
The past couple weeks have been really slow with the work in our area, with miembros tienen mucho [members have much] drama and such, and in finding new investigators and trying to help with everything...yup it is a bit overwhelming for us 4 taking all of this on. But with Faith, Trust, and pixie dust...haha no, but really, with Diligencia, paciencia, oracion and fe, [with diligence, patience, prayer and faith] we have been fortunate enough to see the start of a new beginning. 
This past week we were able to find 3 new investigators and with four minds we have been working on ideas to unify this rama [Branch]. I'm not going to lie, it is a little difficult at times to keep your head up, stay positive and keep working when nothing is happening. But looking back, it is in those times that the Lord is turning the wheels of this machine and putting things in motion. We just need to sit back and let him work thru us. Because it is a test for everyone and in these moments He is testing us to see what choices we will make in the end.
It is going to take some work, but with our new pres de la rama and leadership, it will help a lot. And over some time I believe that this Rama will be a strong and great rama..we just gotta kick it in the pants to get things started.
With our Conferencia de Distrito, we had Pres and Hna Thurgood speak as well as the presidencia de la mision, but it was so sweet, Hna Thurgood gave her testimony in Español, well she read it. She doesn't know much Spanish and she was really nervous, but she did awesome!!
I hope you all have a fantabulous week!!
Chau, chau! Les Quiero!
Hna Snow
The Argentina Flag
On a ship outside the Registro in Buenos Aires

Hna Snow & Hna Barrett
On way back from Capitol via Omnibus

Hna Blanco and Hna Snow
We finally got new bicis...ok so we have had them for about a month
but we just never remembered to take a picture.

Our zone, that grew immensely.
We had a reunion de zona this past Wed.
Since it is getting to the end of the transfer, we had a pix,
because we are missionaries and that is what we do.
Elder Day goes home this transfer.

An investigator has a lot of birds,
we got to hold one :)

Went to visit Hna Alvina [a member] and they were making a lot of bread,
I guess that is what they do on Halloween in their family.
But there was a storm coming and they were trying to hurry.
So we helped.

Monday, November 4, 2013


Well this week was a good week. We had some really good lessons. A day of mucho mucho lluvia [much, much rain] an activity with the rama [branch], and a really good noche de hogar [home evening] with the familia Gomez [family]. And today...yet again I am in Banfield with Hna Barrett from AZ for tramites [paperwork]...more on that later.

We had a good lesson on the plan of salvation with a familia [family] where the mom, who is single, told us that she doesn't believe in a life after this one...yea, so we had a lesson on the plan de salvación [of salvation] with her and her kids, using pictures that I made, to help explain it better. I think they helped because when we left she thanked us and said things were a little bit clearer now and that she had something to think about. I hope that is a good sign :)

We had another day of a lot of rain and not a lot of b/c we are missionaries we took a picture of the rain...and Hna Blanco haha. But this same day we had a good noche de integración [night of integration] with the rama [branch], we as in the missionaries gave a good lesson type thing to those who showed up. Being the first time there were not a lot of them about the voice of the spirit, reverence in the home and in the church and how to recognize the voice of the spirit. It was a really good activity that we are going to have every couple weeks to help this rama [branch] become united and excited to come to church to feel and learn from the spirit.

Then Sat. night we had a noche de hogar [Home Evening] with the family Gomez. Oh this family...So, last lesson with them we shared a video about albedrio [agency], with a teenager and his conscious talking about the choices he has made and what choices he can make. Well, this night Hna Gomez told us that she really liked that video and it inspired her to make some changes in her life and in the life of her family. And oh man I can see more of those changes. Not only with the friendly spirit felt in their home, but her eyes are dead set on the temple and getting her family there. She isn't even baptized yet and she is acting like a member :) She will be an amazing member and example to all with the trials and experiences this family has gone through in such a short period of time to get to where they are. It is simply incredible. Now to just jump over this last hurdle and help them reach their goal of the temple to make this family eternal. 

It is such a blessing to know that this life is only the beginning, and to have the chance to be with our families for eternity. It really puts things into perspective and opens up the eyes of all to what they truly have and what they can have with this gospel. I love it! and I love this chance to be a part of spreading it to this corner of the world, even though yes at times it is difficult and people reject us, it really is there loss to be missing out on an opportunity for eternity. But everyone we talk to or visit with will have a slight seed planted in their hearts that will one day grow.

Thanks for all your prayers and support, I hope you all have a great week!

til next week, paz de [peace of] Argentina!
Hna Snow

plan de salvación

Rain Rain Rain w/Hna Blanco

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Wow, this week was a good one and ended really great, with the baptism of the last hija de la familia [daughter of the family] Gomez, Johana. It was incredible. It was a little rough, but considering it was my first baptism without Hna Tobar running the show, and doing it all, it went well.

She was so nervous but it is true, when you look into their eyes, you can tell all the difference. Just like her sisters, when I looked into her eyes, there was a brightness of hope and faith radiating from her heart. Wow.
We, the four hermanas de Pinamar [sisters of Pinamar], sang ´Yo se que vive mi Señor´ (I know that my Redeemer lives) and the spirit was like a warm blanket over the room. Again, just like Candela, I looked into her eyes as we were singing, and you could just tell that she knows it is all true and this is the start to a new life.
Not only that part was amazing though, her sister wasn't there to give her testimony, so we asked her mom to, she is not a member...yet, they have to get married first, (a reoccurring problem we find down here, a lot of people are living juntada y no casada [coupled and unmarried]). . but she gave the most sincere, heart felt testimony.  Stating that she knows this is the true church, and that one day she wants to go to the temple with her family. It was just . . wow! She really wants to get baptized and be sealed in the temple!!!
She has stopped smoking completely, everything is in line, there are just a few bridges we have to cross with the whole getting married thing. But she is so ready, and she is willing to wait. She will make an awesome member!
But seriously, there has been the most amazing change in this family. There really are no words to describe it. But it has been such a testimony and faith builder and a blessing to me to be able to witness this miracle happening.  They are truly being converted to this Gospel and I am happy that I have gotten the chance to be an instrument in God's hands to help this change happen.
Where there was tension and frustration before there are smiles and laughter.  They are becoming closer as a family and building that eternal relationship.
Sunday for her confirmation, those chicos [girls]that are members showed up in their Sunday best, but so did Hna Gomez and Johana, oh she looked so good. 
Before, when we talked about baptism with her and what was really holding her back, she said she didn't like having to wear a skirt...haha I know how that goes.  But when we got right down to it, there really wasn't anything holding her back, it was then that she asked us when the next baptism was.
In all honesty, I know for a fact that this Gospel is true and it really can change the lives of people and families. It can solve any problem you just have to put all your trust and faith in God and the Lord and things will work out. I love having the opporunity to serve here in Argentina and to be able to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord in changing lives for eternity.
I hope you all have a fantabulous week!
Keep smiling.
Hermana Snow
  Pix of the baptism for Johana Gomez
"Baptizing one family member at a time"

Last week we were able to visit the mar [sea] for pix
Below are "Pix for Kix"


Monday, October 21, 2013


Hola todos! [Hello everyone]

This week flew by, yesterday I was thinking, holy guacamole, mañana is lunes, Cómo? [tomorrow is Monday] haha.
Things are going a lot better, I am feeling a lot better and I am feeling more confident in the language and the work. Hna Blanco has been a huge help in this process. She is just as crazy as I am and we are getting along fabulously. She helps me with my Spanish everyday. Right now it is the dumb conjugations that I have trouble with. But I know I just have to be patient and keep studying and it will come when I am most ready.
Hna Blanco, en realidad [in fact] has an incredible testimonio [testimony] with amazing experiences to go with it.  I have learned so much from her in the last 2 weeks and can't wait for what I will learn from her in the weeks to come.
As far as work is going, it is slow, but right now we feel like we need to focus on the rama [Branch], los miembros [Members], y los menos activos [and the less active], trying to strenghen them and build la unidad de este rama [the unit of this Branch].  We still have investigators and so now we are just working on finding balance with this work.
We have quite the work ahead of us but I think in the long run it will be a really good change for this area.

hasta luego, [see you soon]
Hna Snow

Q & A

Q: Any word on your VISA?
A: nope, no word yet about what they are doing,.
Q: Have you cut your hair since you’ve been on your mission?
A: once, in Idaho, but here no.
Q: How are you and Hna Blanco getting along now?
A: we are doing great. both helping each other with the language, (she knows more English than she lets on, b/c she has started speaking more, and she told me that she trusts me and is more comfortable) 
Q: How are you seriously holding up?
A: Seriously, things are a lot better, we had interviews with Presidente Thurgood this past week and we know what we have to do to move this work forward. Other than the whole sleep issue, things are a lot better. I am more confident and feeling a lot better.

Transfer 2, Week 1

Monday, October 14, 2013

Wow, this week was an emotional rollercoaster! It is really exhausting when you experience a lot of emotions in one day. But that day ended in the sister of Daiana and Candela asking when the next baptism service is. Yes, we are baptizing this family one person at time and helping them build their eternal family one step at a time, falta only los padres now. [missing only the parents now]

With all the ups and downs and loopty loops that have happened in the last week, not only with all the changes in the mission, but in our little rama de pinamar, [Branch of Pinamar] supuestamente el más tranquila area in the mission, [supposedly the more quiet in the mission area] pero por ahora, [but for now] hay muchas cosas happening [there are many things happening]...Satan is definitely strong here in Pinamar and he is attacking every little corner.  Some days I feel like my head is going to explode with the work that we have to do to help this rama [Branch] and strengthen this area. But we are going to take it one day at a time.
My new comp is awesome, not only because our name is Snow White...haha but she has a super strong testimony and has been thru some hard experiences. She is an amazing missionary for only being out 3 months, and she doesn´t know English. Which is a good thing, we are able to communicate with what Spanish I know and she is helping me learn more everyday. She is definitely an example to me.
I am excited for the next 5 weeks and we will see what happens with everything going on. I know that with the Lord we can turn this rama [Branch] around, and it might be super difficult at times, but like we tell our investigators and members, with total faith and trust in the Lord, absolutely everything is possible. Until next week, hope all is well.
Hna Snow

                  A poem that describes the feelings of a mission better than I can-


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

bah, time

Hola. Well this week felt really long but short at the same time. We had the baptism of Alexis, the younger brother of Daiana and Candella on Friday, as well as transfer calls. Yea, a very interesting call from President...Hna Tobar is a cerca de Banfield, white washing and training. I am the senior comp to a Hna who just got done training, Hna Blanco (yes we are snow white...hahaha Blanca nieve) she is from Uraguay, 20 years old and super cute from what I can tell so far. Just met her this morning. One comp from each companionship got transferred. A lot of changes all at once and every Hna and almost every Elder are training except me, which I am thankful for. I was kinda stressing out about this transfer b/c Hna Tobar kept telling me I was going to train. Yea, so not prepared for that yet. So this is good. I am still a bit nervous and anxious, but it should be a good transfer. I can teach Hna Blanco the ways of the "mish" and she can help me with Spanish.
Conference was amazing. We were able to catch only the second half of the first session Sat b/c we didn't have an investigator that could attend but were able to watch all of Sunday in English because we were at the Capilla by the missino home, but it was amazing and we all felt like we got a spiritual slap in the face. bah. Awesome.
Anyway sorry such a short email. There are a lot of things going thru my mind at this moment and can´t really focus on much right now. More next week.
Hope everything is going well with you all and hope you enjoyed conferecne.
Hna Snow

1.Our zone in la casa de la mision
2.Hna Blanco and I in the convi back to Pinamar


Monday, September 30, 2013

Buenos Aires

Sorry I am emailing so late, I got a call last week about my papers for my VISA and yesterday we took a bus for 6 hours to go to Buenos Aires, so today we could head into the capital. We got the few things that we needed and headed to the large rigistro to do who knows what, we waited an hour and it was finally my turn. We went up, the lady looked thru them and said that I was missing something . . .you can imagine my reaction. . .What?!? Yea with one of the apostilles on a paper that had to be translated they didn't endorse the dumb thing. So we get to come back next week . . yay! But it is a crazy place compared to our little area of La Costa. So much going on. It is like Europe, Mexico and New York all stuffed into one city. haha 
Anyway, this week flew by, I feel like I blinked and it hit Sunday. Wow, and next week is transfers (I can´t believe it has been 6 weeks and 8 weeks here in Argentina. Time is SUPER different when you're on a mission.) Bah. So much change all at once. I guess we are getting 23 new missionaries, good gravy.  

But this week we had a lot of good lessons, and still with each day I am understanding a lot more, it is just the talking that is taking it´s dear sweet time :S but it is all about patience, that is something that I have definitely learned while here. 

We received a lot of referrals from one member and through him we have a couple new investigators. One is 20 and just moved here from Paraguay by himself.  We had a good short discussion with him and when we left, I was thinking about how hard it would be to leave your country and family and move to a new place, it is a lot like the mission but we leave everything for a short time, knowing that we are still being watched over by our Heavenly Father.  These people leave what they know and stay for longer than 18 months to 2 years, and most of the time they don´t have any guidance and like our friend they are looking for work and a better life.  

What a priviledge we have being here and giving those that are lost guidance and an opportunity to learn they are not alone and there is so much more to this life and the life to come.  And like I remind myself each time we have a bad day or get rejected. A missionary once told me that they are not rejecting us, they are rejecting Christ and His teachings. And at the very least, we planted a seed that at some future time will start to sprout and grow inside them.  

I love this gospel and am beyond grateful for the knowledge and comfort it brings me each day..I am thankful for this time in beautiful Argentina to teach people what I know and help them learn more for themselves by challenging them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.  I know this book is true and if allowed it can change lives.  Hna Tobar and I are super stoked for General Conference, (she has been counting down for the last month, haha she´s so cute.) to hear more words from our Father in Heaven. And like we have been telling everyone down here, it is a fiesta for the world, to have a chance to listen to the words of God through a living Profeta, about now, about this time. Yay!!

I hope you all have a great week and Enjoy General Conference! I am not going to lie, it will be a little interesting in Spanish, but I am super excited nonetheless.
La zona de la Costa reunion de zona where we got a training on family history. It was Elder Day´s b-day, so we covered him with post-its. The zone: (back L-R) Elder and Sister Galtica the family history specialists, Elder Halley(zl) Elder Robison (our District leader) Hna Anae (white scarf), Hna mills (red hair) Elder Bastias. Front (L-R) Elder Day (post its) Hna Oliva, Hna Rodriguez (red Skirt), Hna Alexander, Hna Rupp (the one that knows Checketts), me and Hna Tobar. 

Happy Birthday Mom!

Our District Leader made us bracelets, we are showing them off.
Hna Tobar didn´t want to be in the Picture.  


Monday, September 23, 2013

fun facts and random stuff.

So remember how I had you send lyrics...well our new district leader is just as obsessed with Disney as we are, as in he knows all the words to just about every song. It is pretty funny.  But he has all the songs, so we were able to get them from him and since he has them in English and Spanish, I am learning them in Spanish and Hna Tobar is learning them in English. bah!! awesome! 

I have a favor...can you pretty please send me a picture of the mountains? I am missing them quite a lot and they have nothing here. It is flat because we are on the coast. 

We had a zone activity today, fun fact once a transfer or for very special occasions we are able to watch a pelicula [Movies], children's of course so they usually end up being Disney.  So far we have watched (last transfer) Despicable Me, then for my birthday we watched Hotel Transylvania, which is super funny by the way even in Spanish with Eng. subtitles.  Then today we watched Monsters University, b/c it is the end of the transfer and Elder Day´s birthday is tomorrow. Anyway, I had the fun idea to make a very special treat for the activity I did and everyone loved it, Hna Tobar loved it minus the chips...but I even converted our district leader, Elder Robison (from Fillmore Utah) to it, he kept saying that he was not a fan, I told him to try it once. One time was all it took, Haha our special treat rules again. Even though it did not taste the same as with ingredients in the states, it was still good.

Gotta love "Brad's Guacamole" "Dani's Guac."

Highlight de la semana

On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 4:34 PM, Danielle Snow <> wrote:

Good gravy, the weeks just fly by! It is quite crazy.  But sadly the work is super slow at the moment.  Since our area was divided and we are trying to work with part of another area that we don´t know we don´t have mucho trabajar [work] at ese momento. We are trying to find old investigators and less actives but nobody ever seems to be home. And as far as people that we are working with. We have found that some won´t open their doors anymore and a couple others are moving. Entonces times are a little rough at the moment.  But no worries the work goes on.  

And now for the highlight... 

So the familia Gomez, it has been un mes [month] since the baptism de Daiana, and Saturday we had the baptism of her sister Candela. This has to be the highlight of Argentina so far.  Here is her story...  

As we were teaching Daiana, Candela and the rest of the family would be in the lessons and more or less participate, reading and responding, etc.  Along the way Candela would be happy and but not very interested in what we were teaching...until one day, we invited her to be baptized, she said yes, then the changes started.

The amazing thing: it was a complete change over night. No joke. One lesson she was just there with her family, the next lesson she was smiling and engaged in the lesson.  It was so cool. And as we taught her we kept seeing the transformation that was taking place.  

Now fast forward one month, since the day we asked her to follow the example of Christ and be baptized and you will find Candela dressed in white with the biggest smile on her face and that special sparkle in her eye.  The feeling is indescribable.  The baptism went well, Candela having a smile on her face since she stepped into la capilla, and as we were singing a special musical number she started crying, but still smiling. Oh my goodness, the spirit that was radiating from that room that night was beyond incredible.  

It is so cool that, although only 13 years old, she can feel the love that our Heavenly Father has for each of his children and the pure joy that comes when following the example of Christ.  Just by looking at her you could tell that she knew exactly what was happening and we could not have been more excited for her.  

Then Sunday at church she showed up looking like she has been a member all along. She radiated with the light and the spirit of Christ, and she hadn´t even been confirmed yet. Haha but when she was confirmed, she is super shy and was really nervous to go up, but she did, and again was smiling the entire time.  During the confirmation that same amazing spirit that filled the room the night before came flooding back into the chapel as the President said ´receive the Holy Ghost.´ 

Wow . .yup definitely a highlight.  I feel so blessed to have had the chance to aid in teaching Candela.  She has an amazing spirit that she can share with her family and two other sisters that are members.  It is moments like these that are the moments that make the rough times totally worth it.  The moment when someone has that Aha! moment when they get that spiritual confirmation that this is the true and restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  

I hope you all have a fabulous week!
Mucho Amor,

Hermana Snow

1. photo right before the baptism.  Hna Tobar and I with Candela, Daiana and her parents. 
2. Hna Tobar and I with Candela, Daiana and their brother Alexis, after her confirmation.

Q & A

You guys are crazy. Haha but okay I will answer them... 

Hermana Snow,
Trying something a little different this week. We have all written down some questions and would like you to hit reply and fill in the "A" or answer part. Love you so much.

Your Fam.

Q: Is the weather getting warmer down there?

A: Yes the weather is slowly getting warmer, it is freakishly like Utah, changing a lot.  Some days are warm others are super cold with sun... super deceiving. 

Q: What food - other than Fruit Loops and Milk out of a bag are you eating?

A: Haha lots of rice with potatoes and carne, pastas of all types, I have had hambugers only a couple times, when our lunch appt fell thru and on P'day. They are very different... with ham. 

Q: How much money do you get to spend each month?

A: We get about 1 mil pesos a month. 

Q: What is the money exchange rate - US Dollars to ARG currency?

A: I have no idea what the exchange rate is. 

Q: What is ARG currency?

A: They use pesos

Q: Have you seen any Tarantula's? [McKayla's Question]

A: Not yet, but it is very unsure what summer will bring. 

Q: What animals do you see while walking?

A: Nothing too extreme, MANY MANY MANY dogs, a few cats. 

Q: What is the landscape like?

A: In our area we have a couple paved roads but the rest are dirt. It is generally flat b/c we are on the coast. But there are a few ups and downs. [See Pix Below]

Q: Do you have a shower at your place?

A: Yes we have a shower with hot water.

Q: How are you sleeping these days?

A: Depends, some nights are better than others. There are still times when I wake up at either 2:30 or 4:30 for no apparent reason, but it is getting better. 

Q: How are your clothes holding up?

A: Pretty good haven´t had anything too rough.  Skirts are good, the grey jacket is amazing as are mom´s gloves (thank you a bunch!) as for my tights...I have a hole in one b/c I had a run in with a dog while on my bici. But no worries all I have is a scratch. The dog didn´t do too much damage. 

Q: Do you buy snacks while you are out working?  And, what are they?

A:  Sometimes, we have either bought crackers or cookies, but usually we don´t have anything. 

Q: Do you have district mtgs?  And, when?  How many are in your district?

A: Yes we have d.m.s every Tues at 10.  There are 8 in our district. The elders and 6 Hermanas.  (leaving the zone leaders and the other 2 Hermanas in the other district.)

Q: Do you study in Spanish or English or both?

A: I study Spanish...when I get the chance. There is a lot of work and sadly more often than not I don´t get much time to study.  

Q: Do you have time to correspond with any of your friends?

A: Yea, we send short emails back and forth. 

Q: Have there been any transfers or has one passed and are you staying put?
A:  We had transfers the Monday after my b'day and the next one is the wkd of conference.

The pix are of the area, paved is the main street that is now the divider of the area.