Sunday, April 28, 2013

How Are You?

Wed., March 20, 2013
Yea, sorry about the whole no letter thing, I started writing one that night but we are only technically allowed to write/email on our P-Days. Yes, no news is good news, there will be a letter that I will send soon, it might not make any sense seeing how I started last week and finished it today, but it is coming. I am super sorry that I haven't been able to contact you. Things here are going great, the first few days were a bit overwhelming but since Sunday it has gotten better and going faster. My companion is super awesome, I talk about her more in the letter as well as my district. Hope all is going well, I promise that once I get the hang of things mail will be more regular. But if you need to get me info or anything of the such, dear elder is the best way. If you send it before 2 I get it that day otherwise I get it the next day. That way I can read them and know what I want to say when I email! Things are going fine don't worry about me!
Love you all!! Miss you tonz.
Love Hermana Snow

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