Monday, April 29, 2013

1st Email in the field

I haven't included our emails to Hermana Snow as I know you'd prefer hearing what's going on with her life. But Brad's email to her was so good I felt I should include it...
Hermana Snow,
Well, we are hearing a lot of things about you, but nothing from you yet, as I know you haven’t had a pday yet. First, we heard you might be in Shelley, then just recently heard that you might be in Blackfoot. Wow, so close, yet so far. It is really neat to hear from family and friends who are keeping track of you up there. Your picture with your mission president and his wife was a great picture. You look great and happy and now I am excited to hear how the actual missionary work is going. Who is your companion, what is your apartment like, do you walk, ride, drive? How is the ward? And, as far as money goes, do they give you an allowance weekly or monthly for food, etc.? We don’t know how the money is handled now that you are in the mission field. Mom has probably asked you the same questions, so you don’t have to answer them twice. Todd and Paula gave their farewell talk today for their inner city mission and it was very good. Paula talked about her conversion and how her family handled it. She wanted to go to primary with her friends, but her parents wouldn’t allow it, so once she got to the age to attend seminary, she started going without her parents knowing, then when she missed a few times, the teacher called her mom!!! When Paula got home, her mom asked her about it and wasn’t mad and it went from there. Mom probably has more details. I stood in the circle to set apart a new teacher’s quorum presidency today which was neat. That is one of the favorite things of my calling.
Now for a little testimony story of listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Mom, McKayla and I were driving home from Indian Hills on Thursday and stopped at the light on 11400 S going home. The light changed and I started to go when I got the feeling that I should look right and slow down. As I did that going through the intersection, a mail truck was barreling down going full speed through a red light traveling north on 1300 ea. If I hadn’t followed that little voice prompting, we would definitely have gotten into an accident. He didn’t even try to stop or slow down until he realized how far he was in the intersection. It was a blessing to us and I believe that because you are serving a mission and I listened, that we are being watched over, that we were able to avoid a crash. So, this is a good lesson to you in searching out those who are waiting for you to teach them, just listen to the still small voice. It is there and speaking to you and all of us. I know there are people up there in your mission who are waiting for you particularly to share your testimony with them. Have you been doing tracting or referrals or street contacting? How are the members to work with? And, are you Spanish speaking specifically or a mix?
McKayla won her soccer game on Saturday, 4-2, with the team playing much better soccer. This week was going to be a hectic one: game Monday, practice Tuesday, game in Logan on Wednesday, practice Thursday, dinner with Wrights Friday, then youth academy, soccer game and Real game on Saturday. Whew! But, we cancelled practice on Tuesday since we have girls with injuries and it would be too much, then our game on Monday needed to be rescheduled. So, now, it will be a little less busy. So, now a quote:
“The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts. Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and bear the light of day. The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you do is who you become.”
Heraclitus----Philosopher & Author
535-475 BC
So, be a missionary by thinking like one and acting like one and doing the work. There is no other way than that to be the most successful missionary you can be. You will find people who are truly searching, those who have been contacted previously, but were ready for you to teach them. You’ll never know where seeds have been sown prior to you knocking on a door. But, you will never know what seeds you will sow for someone else to reap. That means that everything you do, as a missionary, following the spirit, will be a success. You’ve probably been told this, but, take the opportunity to share your testimony at every chance. It is what converts.
Well, I’m looking forward to hearing from you in your new location. I hope you are well and getting used to Idaho. Smile and work hard!!
I love you,

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