Monday, April 29, 2013

Mon., April 29, 2013
Don't worry you will be fine, I know you will. :) Yes i got the Backpack and all in it. Thank you so much! it was useful but i was uber over weight so i think that i will end up getting a carry on. being in the field is great minus the fact that i have been sick since thurs. . see dad's email. . my comps are great, one is almost done, she is my trainer and the other i knew from the Mtc.
By the way im in Blackfoot in Hna Clarks stake but we found out that she got sent out to Mesa the day i got here! super exciting.
[Answers to my 20 questions...]
1. Yes i got the backpack.
2. the bus ride was fine and yes i was asleep for most of it.
3. my comp i mention.
4. one is from Bolivia and the other is from oregon.
5. top
6. first day we got an orientation at the mission home and dinner of a potato bar, it was good to have potatoes again.
7. yes p-day is monday
8. 1246 N. Yellowstone Ave. Ste F3
Pocatello, Id 83201-4374
9. I don't know about accidentally running into you but i'm guessing not. .
10. I 'm not sure about that it may be up to the pres. . but since i'm not in that area i dont' know
11. same thing since i'm not in that area.
12. I hope so but i don't know.. love the pix though
13. no don't worry about the silver.
14. I'm thinking if you find them send them, there are not really a lot of shopping options here besides walmart.
15. since i have been sick, sleep has not so much been better. . which is crap but hopefully it will get better.
16. the cd came with an activity book they gave us, one of the Many books we got, you can look at it if you want, but i just didn't want to deal with it.
17. yea i loved all the pix and thanks for the quotes. thanks for the comment about the camera, i will probably be looking for a new one. and i found a robe.
18. the board is great and i love the pic of me. :)
19. yea i think it does, it covers W Yellowstone.
20. Yes, they are super nice and caring, and praying that i get better quickly.
That is so exciting to hear about Chace. . yea go figure he would be going to Italy. but its okay, i will visit someday and it will be fine.
of course that comment is out of love, [re:I write as much as I talk] it makes me laugh and smile when i get letters from you. i love to hear all that is going on. btw you can still send dear elders it just takes a bit longer to get them than in the mtc.
good to hear that you got the picture of me and the mission pres and his wife. :)
One more thing, are you printing out all the emails in my inbox? if you are would mind deleting them after? i was going to start but didn't know what you wanted to do with that.
It was good to hear from you , and glad things are going good, and you are being watched over, dad told me the story of how you almost got in an accident . glad you didn't. oh and apparently todd and lisa contacted my zone leaders and they sent us a text saying that my aunt and uncle from sugar city say hello and that they are thinking of me. so i guess if you communicate with them, which i am guessing you are, you could get some of your questions answered.
Well until next week. Bueno Suerte y Te Amo!
Mucho Amor,
Hermana Snow
[Brad's email]
Okay, it was good to hear from you guys. I am in Blackfoot South, and loving it. my mission pres is President Brinkerhoff and his wife sister Brinkerhoff. they are super nice and friendly. It was exciting to finally get out in the field and start working. I got into Blackfoot on wed morning, at like 8 30 or so, i had with me the backpack and shoulder bag, which was good cuz they buried my luggage and i had come back to the transfer site at 11 to pick it up. anyway, after i got my luggage i was able to unpack and get situated and then we went to work. We visited a couple people, had dinner with members, taught a lesson and gave a church tour to a young couple, the wife, 22, got baptized on sat and confirmed sun both by her husband who recently became active and just received the priesthood so that he could baptize and confirm her, (sadly i had to miss it cuz i got sick thurs night) Thursday we had weekly planning that took forever! then we visited a couple people and went shopping so i could have food, had dinner with a member , then taught a lesson to a grandmother, her daughter and two kids, but the child that we were going to teach wasn't actually there. but we taught them the 10 commandments using our fingers, it was a fun lesson. then we gave another church tour to an investigator, Robert, (and his wife Sandra) who is so ready for baptism but he cannot forgive himself for a few things and cannot stop fighting these demons inside him. So we are trying to work with him and have him do his part to forgive himself, cuz we can tell that he will be an amazing member. He is a large redneck man with shoulder length hair and a fantastic mustache that goes to his chin. haha it was an amazing tour and i think we did a lot of good. but we shall see. but like i mentioned before. .Thursday i got sick and have been out ever since, resting. Friday started good, but by 11 I was freezing in layers, so my comp called the DL's and they came and gave me a blessing and went to bed until our meeting we had in IF for all the new missionaries. but after that it just went all down hill. Sore throat, chills, headache, nausea, ache body, yea it has been awesome. . not so much.

my comp is sister Gorriti, from Bolivia and she only has a couple more months left. and my other comp is Sister Froerer who is from Oregon,and i actually know her from the MTC, she left a week before i did. we live in a basement apartment that is fully furnished and have a Subaru Legacy. its super nice cuz everything is so spread out here. I don't know how the ward is since i have not been yet. . and as far as money yes i have either a monthly allowance of a transfer-ly allowance, not exactly sure. .
That is cool about Todd and Paula, and what a cool conversion story. They will do great!
And HOlY Cow!! Your story was crazy scary, and i am glad you guys are okay!! Yea, definitely blessings are coming from me serving. way to listen to those promptings.
we haven't been contacting yet cuz there is so much work going on. the members are great and loving and willing to help when they can. the stake i am in has one spanish ward, but i missed out on the Spanish lesson last night cuz i am on bed rest, per doctors orders.

thanks for the quote! I hope things are going well, I think that between this email and mom's i will cover everything, so if i missed something in yours look to mom;s.
Bueno suerte! Te Amo!!
Hermana Snow

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