Sunday, April 28, 2013

2 in 1 day

[Referring to Hermana Clark...]

yea, she has to recover from her concussion before she can come back out, so we may be here when she gets back. haha yea we are too, had the meeting this morning, it was like a group interview, the consul went over basic information about the country, about each mission, etc. then he opened it up for questions, i am super excited!! Buenos Aires is majorly italian influence, so i told Hna Andreasen that instead of sending me to Italy, where i would be way too distracted, He is sending me to the next best place. haha you bring up a very good point, but since we did meet with them today, if i get reassigned it will most likely be out of the state.
OK i am out of time! love you all lots and miss you tonz!
much love, Hermana Snow

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