Sunday, April 28, 2013

Letter #3

Wed., April 3, 2013 

Hola Familia,
Loved getting 3 dear elder’s then realizing as I read they are continuations of the first letter. HaHa. Glad you got my letter(s). Not exactly sure what you mean that I only talk when spoken to. I feel like I talk all the time. But yea I do sometimes internalize things. Sorry. And with your plan of 2 emails, that won’t happen, in the MTC at least with so many people using the computer & such limited time. But lately I have been not sleeping very well & waking up @ like 3:30, 4 & not getting back into a good sleep. Not really sure what is going on. It’s normal for the 1st couple weeks, but it is still happening. I got a blessing last night after the devotional from my D.L. & I teared up a bit during the blessing, (which made me regret not getting one from dad before I left). It helped me sleep, but I still woke up @ 4:00. So I don’t know what’s going on.  Sounds like the game was a blast, glad we beat the Seattle Sounders. 
You guys would golf that much. HaHa. Wow, that’s awesome that you were able to use your new clubs. Way to go Shay…I mean…Bien hecho both of you. Way to go McKayla for being the cart caddie. I bet they did not want to come home.    No Elder Carlson is not in my district or my zone. I haven’t seen him, not that I know what he looks like anyway.  That’s cook to have so many people thinking about me. Give it time & you will adjust & then I’ll be home before you know it.
That is awesome that things are moving along with SnowyBarn.  Sounds like it will be hitting the web big when all is said & done. 
Oh you guys finally got to go eat @ Langes. HaHa I wish I could have seen her face. Paula is so creative! Yes I enjoyed my “throw away” Easter Bag…p.s. you could have left the “throw away” part out…of course they insisted it is tradition.  I was talking to the other Hermana’s about different Easter things & one said that she heard a story about someone’s parents sending the Easter Basket to their child’s companion & have them hide/surprise them with it.  How cool of an idea is that? I thought it was pretty funny. 
I put the dork dot in my journal, but I didn’t take a picture. That’s okay I can see where you are coming from. HaHa. Loved the comment “I’m taking you for as long as I can” it made me happy. Have I been taking pictures? Really, I haven’t changed that much when I fill my card then you will get it with a letter., so you can update the blog. It is funny, but super weird to have them all here & turns out I am the oldest in my district. Hermana Clark was born in like Feb. 1992. It’s a new feeling for me, usually I am one of the youngest. 
The “Dani’s Missionary Binder” is a good idea. Can’t wait to see all that when I get home. 
We had our mtg. to get finger printed yesterday & next week we are getting interviewed with the assistant to the consol.  Then it is a random draw by the consul as to who they give VISA’s to. A friend I went to high school with works in the travel office, he said that if I don’t get my VISA I will get reassigned to Salt Lake, which would be not so great. Being so close to home & going to the U I know people that live in Salt Lake…so I’m hoping I get out of Utah also. 
I have heard from you, dad, Shay & McKayla, Tara, & the package from Cydni Tongish. I sent a reply to Tara & all you. I have sent a letter to Cyndi H. & will be sending Cydni Tongish a very large thank you reply for my box of sunshine.   I didn’t even think about a follow up on the missionary announcement now I am even more excited for conference. Hermana Clark’s grandma sent us – meaning all in our district – a box of conference activities & treats. Best package she has received that wasn’t food. HaHa. 
Super funny about Kaitlyn [Lange], they are going to have such a cute family.  That is a great idea for journal writing. I will have to remember that. 
Thanks for the copy from Katelyn’s [Palmer] email. That was a great story I thought. I may have to use that for an inspirational thought or something.  Yes I got the pictures in my email. He is super cute! [Baby Dax] Can’t wait to hear more about him & their cute family! Is Ashtyn way excited & does she walk around yelling “Baby” & “Baby Dax” like before? cuz I could totally see her doing that. HaHa. oh that little ball of sunshine.
Continue having fun!
Buenos suerte – Mucho Amor!
Hermana Snow

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