Sunday, April 28, 2013

Finally got the sd card

[some Spanish mixed with English]
Finally I was able to read your long email from ese manana. Sounds like you had a great day. Sorry about todos cosas that happened. But sounds like things are taking off con the business & stuff.
Here is the letter with the pictures & explanations...

Back Row: Elder Sessions & Elder Cobb
Middle Row: Elder Peterson, Elder Mason, Elder Stowell & Elder Afu
Front Row: Hermana Snow, Hermana Andreasen, Hermana White & Hermana Clarke

Hermana Andreasen, Hermana Snow, Hermana McDonald Hermana Marsden

Hermana  Snow & Sister Gilly Olsen
(from mission prep class @ Sandy Institute)

Hermana Snow, Hermana Andreasen, Hermana Clarke & Hermana White

Hermana Snow & Hermana Andreasen

Hermana Snow & Hermana Clarke

Elder Peterson & Elder Afu

Elder Cobb, Hermana Snow & Elder Afu
(fyi Elder Afu graduated with Shayla from Alta High)

Hermana Clarke, Elder Whitehead & Elder Lund

Elder Whitehead and Hermana Snow
(fyi the reason the pix looks kinda awkward is cuz when I asked to get the photo,
we both went in for the side hug & then remembered the rule that we can't touch
each he put his hands in front & I am just standing there.)

Hermana Snow & Elder Smith
2 things: we are the only 2 Utes in our zone that we know of so of course we had to get a picture &
this part is for Cyndi b/c the first time I saw Elder Smith I thought it was a friend of ours,
Jack Webster, well him a few years ago at least. [Cyndi will understand & probably think the same thing]

Dani and her quotes...had to throw at least one in.

Hermana Snow & Sis. Prater
(I love this girl just as much as I love my Dani)

Hermana Snow's "Box of Sunshine" from a good friend Cydni Tongish
Was delivered on a perfect "rainy" day!

Hermana Andreasen & her frosty.
Her brother Ricky brought me & her one.
So cool!

Hermana Nelson, Hermana White, Hermana Andreasen & Hermana Snow

Hermana Andreasen, Hermana Snow, Hermana Bench & Hermana White

Hermana Lauricella, Hermana Snow & Hermana Halverson

Hermana's in District 48 A & B
L to R: Hna Halverson, Hna Bench, Hna Lauricella, Hna Andreasen
Hna Snow, Hna Nelson & Hna White

Elder Beutler & Hermana Snow
"He is just as cheesy as I am"

Elder Stowell & Hermana Andreasen
found a way to take a picture hugging without
actually touching each other.
Loved your phone comment...most in my district are missing their iPhones & such...yea me, hasn't really phased me. What I do MISS (besides you all of course) is my music & dancing!! To do it for 9 years & always have music to going cold turkey...yea, it is kinda hard...
Hope you enjoy all the pictures!!

Bueno Suerte todas cosas!! Te amo!
Hermana Snow

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