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Mon., April 22, 2013
I am emailing today b/c i won't get to call you from the airport tomorrow. . seeing how i am taking a bus. haha. I can't believe it is finally here! but i can't wait to leave. i am sending a package home today with some stuff and a letter for dad. mom i didn't get to finish yours so i will respond to your dearelders in this email. I hope everything is going well for you all.. I hope shay got her letter and that you finally got the SD card. It was good to hear that you got the pictures from Hna Andreasen. I also saw Elder doxey on our temple walk yesterday and we got a picture, my camera died so hopefully you will be able to see it from his mom, ( i would spell it but i don't know how.)
ok madre here is your response to your dearelders. wow you write as much as you talk . . haha just kidding, .but seriously. it is good to hear everything that is going on. About tara and tasha, yes dad mentioned they came down and i got a letter from tara. it is awesome that they made all that for snowybarn! and speaking of scarves i found one in the giveaway box. . yep i snatched it. it is like a brown, blue, tan, cream, and grey. it is pretty sweet! oh luwana, what are we going to do with her?? always trying to set everone up . .all the tme. it is starting to just get funny rather than hopeful. I did get a letter from shay and it was good to hear it all again. that she got the job, that she gets a fresh start and everything. tell her to tell Kenzie congrats for me. She did mention that you were all planning trips up to visit her. you will have to let me know how all that goes. About the lady from Buenos Aires, that is so cool! I will have to look them up when i get there. i am SO EXCITED
sorry it sent for some reason . anyway, i am SO EXCITED for the food down there! btw, i wasn't so happy that dad mentioned you had tacos and guac. .i was crying on the inside. :(I saw the picture of Baby Dax, him and Ashtyn look so cute!! what a happy little girl. I can just hear her saying "its baby Dax!" It is so cool that Snowybarn is on the move and so quickly!. Can't wait to see it all done and in action.
yes sugar and IF are in my mission. if you log on to or someting you can look at my missionary portal page and at the bottom by where it talks about my mission pres and his wife, there is a map option, you can view my boudarties if you click on the interactive link, the very last link of the three. it's pretty cool. yea i still don't know why i am going there but i am super excited to find out. glad to hear you got the pictures. I will hopefully talk to you soon when i get to Pocatelllo
mucho amor!
Hermana Snow
Hermana  White, Hermana Andreasen & Hermana Snow

Hermana  Snow, Elder Afu, Elder Cobb, Elder Mason,
Elder Peterson, Elder Stowell & Hermana Andreasen

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