Sunday, April 28, 2013

Life is ExCiTiNg!

Wed., April 17, 2013
-wow there is still so much going on! i can't believe that i only have a few days left. it is official, tomorrow we are getting our reassignment. . and surprise i will get to call you to let you know where i am going. so wait for it.
-don't worry i will try my hardest to teach you spanish when i get home.
-I cannot wait to get pictures of the Barn!! it sounds like things are coming along quite well!!
-The binder looks fabulous! you are doing a great job. cannot wait to see the finished product.
-i got the pictures of the shoes and i hope you got the letter with the sd card, if not you will get it today, it has example pictures and explanations of all the pictures on my card. btw i am a size 7 1/2, 8 is too big. I got Shayla's letter but have not gotten the picture letter yet. . . if she sent it monday . .i hope i get it later today.
-tell Eli and everyone at the office that i say Hola!!
-The pictures are great to see. glad to see the disaster is all cleaned up. it looks great!
-That is way sad about Dave. What happened? was it just all the crap he got or what?
-thanks for the heads up on the picture letters, we'll have to see what happens when we really start packing.
-just a heads up i did buy a couple skirts here. and you will be getting a package of things that i won't have room for, don't want and the other things from Cydni's package.
-oh and i have seen both elder doxey and ludlow. both times i didn't have my camera. i haven't seen elder doxey since, and i was hoping to see elder ludlow again before i sent my sd card. but i didn't until yesterday After i sent my sd card. so i borrowed an elder in my zones card reader and attached it. again it is super weird to be here with everyone that graduated with Shay.
Hope you have a great grand and wonderful day! i will be sending a letter to shay and another to you guys later this week. so look out.
Te Amo! Bueno suerte todos cosas.
Hermana snow
Hermana Snow & Elder Ludlow

Some more things:
before i forget, our branch pres told us to start packing up everything this week, and that they recommend that we withdrawal about $200 to keep on us. so just so you know so when i pull it out you don't have a cow. :)
I hope you got my email before, about the letter/card, the reassignment and then the uploaded picture of Elder Ludlow and i. i was glad i found him when i did haha even though it was after i had sent you my card. i ran into him and luckily had my camera on me, i told him that knowing both our moms we better take a picture and send it to you.
so something REALLY cool happened last night at the devotional. . they let us in at 6:30 and we like to sit at the front of one of the sides, and usually on the screens they show who is coming to speak. . well this time they didn't let us know who was coming to speak. We start to notice these security men come in and sit in front of us and by the doors. So we are thinking this has got to be someone big. All of a sudden, everyone stands up when people entered on the opposite side we were on. . you only stand up when General Authorities come to speak. I can see your face as you read this, YES it was a general authority. IT WAS ELDER RICHARD G. SCOTT!! As you can imagine we were beyond excited cuz they usually have gen authorities come speak on tues, but they haven't had any since we have been here so we were getting ansy. His talk was amazing! He spoke on Prayer but the spirit and direction that he had was incredible. He nailed every question that we have had, and after at our little District Devo Review (or DDR as i like to call it) we all felt like he was talking to each of us personally. some fun/inspirational quotes that i loved were, "This decision to serve a mission will bless us for eternity"; "I can assure you that you will never regret this decision." a fun one that i really liked 'Throughout our lives we get "small packets of inspiration along the way." haha love that one. he talked about the three ways answers come 1. As peace comfort and reassurance: He answers yes, proceed with confidence. 2. Can sense an unsettling feeling: He answers no, can be a warning signal. and 3. Feel no response: He withholds an answer, can be an opportunity for you to grow and figure out why you got that answer. Some other things that i loved that he said: "pray when you have no desire to pray, because that is when we need to pray the most." I definitely know that one is true and have used it many times while here at the mtc! At the end of his talk he envoked an Apostalic blessing on all of us, that we will be helped to learn the language, if we are learning a language, a blessing on our companionships, and a blessing of peace and comfort. Yea that doesn't happen very often so its kind of a big deal.. . after the as the sister was coming up to pray Elder Scott literally jumped up and ran back to the pulpit cutting her off and said a few more things: "Remeber He called you. Remember the Lord called you to succeed, Not fail. He will not leave you alone. He will not give us a task beyond our ability. The Lor wants you to discover things about yourself that you never before knew." Pretty amazing! Just think how close you have to be and how in tune you have to be with the Holy Ghost to do that. To jump up before the closing prayer and say those things that were not included in his talk.. Yea pretty incredible. So So So glad we got to hear from him right befor we leave.
Hope everyone is doing good. Say Hola! to EVERYONE!!!
love you tonz and bunches. miss you also!
Hermana Snow
District 48A



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