Sunday, April 28, 2013

Letter #4

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Madre, Padre & Hermanas,
In response to your dear elders…from 1st

·        I don’t know if you will still be able to dear elder me in ARG? I will see what I can find out.
·        Yes I have access to the Bookstore. I asked them about stamps/(a book) & they said they were out of them at the moment.
·        Good job on posting the info J yea I hope I get letters. Love all the quotes!

2nd dear elder…
·        awesome glad you got that envelope & glad you got to see Cyndi (p.s. Cyndi hasn’t written me yet. That was me sending her a letter).
·        That is so sad about what happened to the basement ceiling, but I’m not going to lie…I was kinda laughing as I read it…so has it been leaking since or before the remodel of your bathroom & I can’t wait to hear of the progress & such on the office basement & see pix!
·        That is cool that dad found silver @ that store, it will make it easier than having to get some from Sandra.
·        That is super sad for Shay, but way exciting for Kenzie. I laughed @ what you wrote about McKayla! Forgetting the drivers ed class after talking so much about it. HaHa. Yea good luck with that one mom.
·        Glad to hear things are going great @ work. Have fun with all those discrepancies! J
·        Got a pix with Melissa. Turns out she is on the same floor as me (not sure if I already told you or not…)
·        Yes I can upload pix, but it will only send 2 or 3 @ a time. So sending the card might be easier. But a card adapter would be wonderfully handy.

Thanks for taking over on quotes. It is such a mystery where I get them from…HaHa.
I hope this interview is a good sign as well!
Yes, we realized when we reached our hump day. HaHa. Crazy that it has been that long!! And that we don’t have very long to go!

Couple last things: my roommates (the other Hermanas in my district) really like the picture letter you sent with my package. So feel free to send more. And in your email you said you were sending wallet size pictures of the family & such, that’s great but if you could send some regular 5 x 7’s of the fam & friends pictures of my farewell that would be awesome too. The Bookstore has photo albums that hold like 10 – 15 pix that would be ideal to take with me cuz it is not big thick or heavy & would fit quite well in my little black bag and/or backpack.

Things here are going good. Enjoying conference so much! Not much else going on, just class & such. One of our other Hermana’s passed out on Wed. night after class & has a concussion from hitting the ground (that are basically as hard as cement) the EMT’s took her to the ER that night (her & her comp. didn’t get back until around 2 – they left @ 9:30 pm) Apparently she was super dehydrated. So that with her previous health encounters & stress it was just too much.  They keep saying it is my turn to pass out. I said no thank you. I have never passed out & I’m not starting now.  Yea our District is well known @ the front desk. An Elder also sprained his ankle playing Basketball…our District is doing great…so other than that not much has happened.
-      New people that I have seen…Elder Doxey…yup. that’s all.
-      Hope all is going well can’t wait to hear how things go & turn out with both basements, games, with Shay, with the new families that just moved in & anything else that I didn’t cover.

Bueno suerte todos cosas, mucho amor!
            Hermana Snow
Thought after conference:
·        Pres. Monson – see you in 6 months @ the next conference. The Hermanas & I were talking about where we will be in 6 months when we are watching conference. Then we were saying where we were 6 months ago.
-      I was working on my papers
-      Hermana Andreasen was here @ BYU going to school – thinking about a mission.
-      Hermana White was @ USU @ school not even thinking about a mission.
Crazy Right! 

p.s.s. For Shay – so vocal point came for our Sunday night Devotional they were awesome! as usual. They did a hymn share fireside like they do for Forum…which made me miss going to Forum. There was only a few guys I recognized minus McKay the Director, the rest are new. But it was still super sweet.

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