Monday, July 29, 2013

The Message


Monday, July 29, 2013

Hi, Here is the message I got from President Brinkerhoff since we missed his call:
Received July 24, 2013 7:32pm
"Sister Snow, I received notice today that you have a VISA! You are scheduled to leave Pocatello on Monday, August 5 and fly to Buenos Aires. We will give you more details as we get closer to that date. We're going to miss you. Pres. Brinkerhoff."
Needless to say I was more or less freaking out at our stake 24th celebration. . . considering Sister Espiritu had the phone, read the text, then started freaking out and wouldn't tell me why. . until she said "You can't leave me!!" then I made her give me the phone and read the above message . . .I was in shock for a few days.
Have a great day!
Hna Snow

Snowmass and 4 wheeling

Mon., July 29, 2013
Hola parentals,
WOW! You guys had a busy week. But it sounded like fun. I am totally jealous of the four-wheeling. . haha some of the few things I miss: the mountains, and four-wheeling! haha and being up here I see them ALL the time! Go figure. Sounds like you had a fun trip and thanks for thinking of me and my card collection. [Brad went to Snowmass, CO for the Utah State Bar Convention and picked up Dani some Playing Cards - She collects them]
That is way cool about Elder Ludlow getting his VISA, I got mine too, on the 24th of July. Maybe I will see him in the Airport. . wouldn't that be cool. [Found out Elder Ludlow flew to  Denmark on July 24th]
How did mom enjoy going down memory lane? [After Chace's farewell we toured my old Elem. Jr. High, High School - yep, all one building] You should send me some picture so I can see what happened? Yea? That is super cool about the collectables and the cameras you found. Are they the really old film ones? Do they still work? [While at home we went through some of my dad's antiques - he gave Brad several really old cameras] Sister Froerer found an old film camera at one of 'no longer an investigator because she is baptized' yard sale. It still works and is pretty sweet. I told her if she didn't want it I would kindly take it off her hands. haha
Yea, I am pretty jealous about you all and the Willard trip, and that is dumb that mom's four-wheeler is still acting up. I hope you can get it fixed. [Went to Willard Peak on 4 Wheelers last Friday]
Anyway, up here we had a baptism this weekend for Deborah. It was one of the coolest things! She was so excited and you could definitely tell when she came out of the water. Her face was glowing the whole time. It was the same case as when she got confirmed yesterday. Definitely a highlight of my mission so far. There really is no other feeling than to see someone accept the gospel and take those beginning steps through the gate and onto the path to Eternal Life. And there really are no words to describe it, it was just amazing. I know that since I have been here seeds are being planted and although I may not see the results of those seeds. It is worth it, because everything we do out here makes a difference in some way or another, that is what we are here to do.
Have a great week! Love you!
Su hija, Hermana Snow

Top pix: Les Hiatt - Deborah's husband, Deborah & Hna Snow
Middle pix: Hna Froerer, Les, Deborah, Hna Espiritu & Hna  Snow
Bottom pix: Les, Deborah, Bro. & Sis. Davis

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hola bright and early . .

Mon., July 22, 2013

Hola Fam.
Sorry to be emailing so early, we are going to IF for P-day, so I won't get your emails 'til next week . .but feel free to send me a letter via snail mail.  :) 
I finally got both your letter and McKayla's letter in the mail. The pictures from your primary class are super cute and I might just hang them around my bed. haha [Primary Lesson was on Missionaries. My 4-5 yr olds colored pix for Dani]

The past few days have flown by yet it has felt like a uber long week. Strange how that works. Things have been going good. It is weird to think that it has only been like 5 days since Sister Gorriti left. We miss her but Sister Espiritu is just as amazing a missionary as Sister Gorriti is. She has such an enthusiastic drive and fire to her that is rather contagious. She is from Southern Cali, kinda by Oceanside, and she has been out almost 7 months.  She is already rubbing off on both of us. Her Spanish is great and she is super helpful and encouraging, just as Sis Gorriti was.  She has full confidence in both of us that by the time we get to Argentina our Spanish will be amazing, so I we will see what happens.  I feel like my Spanish is coming, I can understand it, it is the speaking part that I kinda have trouble with.  But we aren't teaching a lot in Spanish right now so we don't get a lot of practice outside of the little practice we get during study. I know it will take time.  
We have a couple Baptisms coming up. Debrah on the 27th, and Caleb an 11 year old on the 3rd of Aug. Both are super excited and can't wait to be baptized.  Debrah is all worried that no one will be there and things won't be done or together in time, but we told her don't worry, we are working on the program with the WML, and as far as attendance I think it will surprise her as to how much support she really has in the ward and in her husbands family. It should be a really great day for her and her family! 

Caleb is also super excited to get baptized.  When we go over to visit or teach he is always volunteering to say the prayers and to answer questions.  His grandpa, whom him and his family are living with, is a less active but with the encouragement and help of Caleb he is slowly making his way back. He is even trying to work toward being able to baptize Caleb.  I hope he is able to make that a goal and follow through, it will make that day that much more special for both of them.  He is such a smart kid and he understands everything.  When he was younger he sat in on the lessons with his sisters and he says that he remembers some things, but this is a good refresher for him.  He is going to scouts and church with friends and his grandpa is coming to church again.  

It is so cool to see the hand of the Lord in all the work we do and how it can change lives for the better, how the plan of salvation can change a families perspective about life, not only if they have gone through difficult times of losing someone,  and to see seeds being planted and also the seeds that are sprouting into a desire to learn.  

That is all we have going on for now.  We are still just chugging along with the work and trying to find people to teach.  
I hope all is going well for everyone.  Can't wait to hear about all your crazy stories. Love you all! 

Hermana Snow

Monday, July 15, 2013


Mon., July 15, 2013

Yea, we didn't see you guys, either time sorry. Yea, I know you aren't that hard to miss haha. [Spent weekend in Idaho camping/4 wheeling. Honked as we drove past Blackfoot exit]

Walmart and DI don't have much for cute, cheap summer shirts, and it is really hot to layer lots of shirts or use a cardigan. Yea, if you could keep your eyes open that would be great. Thanks for keeping an eye on my bank account, I am trying not to spend too much.  No I have not gotten your letters yet. . still waiting, but I hope I get them today. ;)

Things here are just chugging along. We had transfer calls on Thurs, Hna Gorriti is being transferred to Soda Springs for the last 6 weeks of her mission. and Hna Froerer and I have still not heard anything pertaining to our Visa's so we are still going to be here in Blackfoot, we are getting a new sister, Sister Espiritu to be our new senior comp. She is from Mexico and is currently serving in IF. We were a little shocked when we got the call on Thurs. She [Hna Gorriti] didn't think that she would be leaving for the last transfer... but the Lord needs her in Soda, she will be white-washing the area and training a new sister. We are gettig 41 new missionaries on Wed, 12 being visa waiters. crazy huh?
The work is still going, we have gotten a couple new investigators and are still trying to teach 20 lessons a week. Which has been going good, this week we only got 14 but last week we had 21, it was a good but busy week. I like getting so much experience, the only downside, we have kinda lost all our Spanish investigators, so we haven't really been teaching/ speaking Spanish much lately,. only what little we do in comp study while we practice.
Yesterday, in one (out of the 5) wards we visited I saw Hermana Clark [Sister from her MTC District who was sent home to Blackfoot, ID with health issues. When Dani got to Blackfoot she had been reassigned to Mesa, AZ] ...I was kinda surprised. Apparently she is really sick so they sent her home, the poor girl. She told us to call her so she could come out with us.  At least she still got some experience in the MTC and in the Field. . but still.
We had a Missionary Musical Fireside in Pocatello last night, all missionaries, all singing with a couple testimonies, that we put on for anyone (members or investigators) that were interested in coming. It was fun and we got a lot of compliments. Our zone sang a mash of 'Praise to the man' that led into 'We'll bring the world His truth'. It was pretty cool being able to share the spirit and our message of the Restoration and the Savior through song!

Well, I hope you all are doing well and that things are going well. Can't wait to get your letters.
Love you all!
Hermana Snow

Life and a revolving door‏

Mon., July 8, 2013
I hope that is okay that I answer both yours and dad's questions in the same email. .
You should invite the missionaries over for dinner, it is so fun having dinner with the members here and both parties learn something. :) and did you get my memory cards?!?!? I copied all the pix onto my USB just in case, but I haven't heard anything. .
Hola Parentals,
I am doing fabulous. I have heard nothing on my VISA. . no emails,. nada.
We watched the Joseph Smith movie with Robert and his wife yesterday. His first comment was I don't buy it. He didn't like how Joseph Smith was portrayed and how he went around healing people. We tried to explain what was going on cuz it sounded like he didn't quite understand. We got out of him that He does believe that Christ was our Savior but not any of the J. Smith stuff. I can tell you that was not the anwer or comment that I expected. It helped that we had the lesson at a member's house so we could all bear our testimony about Joseph Smith and that he was the Prophet of the Restoration and that all of that really happened. I hope that he can go to Heavenly Father with that real desire to know and that he can get his answers.
We saw Silvia and her parents in Wal-mart on the Fourth but we haven't had a real visit. They weren't exactly progressing so we stopped teaching them. We try to stop by and visit though. I will keep you posted as much as I can on that baptism. Transfer calls are this week and transfers next week. The anticipation is killing us not knowing what is going on. . . I will know more next week.
About the article, [sent article LDS Missions: Using Web to reach out] I couldn't read it b/c it was out of the newspaper .. who knows I probably wasn't allowed to read Millie's obit, but I did, whoops if I wasn't supposed to. I will repent for that. :) I will print out the rest of your letter and read it later, if that is okay.
The 4th was awesome. we went to a couple of breakfasts, had a zone lunch and played games at the park, went to a few dinners, and ended up at the Davis's for dinner and fireworks, where we watched the Blackfoot fireworks from their backyard. I will include pix. I can't wait for you to meet them, they are pretty cool.
Now for dad's.
Thanks for the quotes, like mom's letter I will print yours and read it later. But for the questions. Things this week have been good, we are still getting a lot of referrals from members. We have a baptism scheduled for the end of the month, but whether or not we will be here for it we don't know. She is uber excited and has been telling everyone that she is getting baptized. We have a couple new investigators, one is a very cute and athletic girl who is 15 and reminds me a ton of Mckayla. She and her mom are inactive but she has a brother on a mission in S. America.
Transfer calls are this week so I will let you know what happens with that next week. I still have heard no word on the VISA. My comp Hna Froerer heard that those in her district from the MTC have started getting theirs, but I have heard nothing about my district . .so who knows.
Well I hope you all had a good Fourth!! Love you all.
Nos Vamos!
Hermana Snow
1. Haha mom here is the treat(s) you bought! [Sent her $20 "Treats on Me"] I made both for our Zone lunch. The guac was gone before we knew it, but there was some left over dip that we are still enjoying.
2. Our group watching fireworks, there is us three, the Davis family and Sis. Davis's sister Sister Salmon's family. it was a blast!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's HOT!

Hola mommy,
It has been a good week, we were supposed to teach Robert last night but they rescheduled for next week. Last update on him though, he believes there is a God, but he is not so sure about Christ. The last lesson was at members home and I guess they stayed and talked to the members for like 40 min after the lesson. So that was good. We will see what goes on next week.

Sadly, I haven't gotten to talk to Silvia in a couple weeks, a lot happened in their family in the last couple weeks and we haven't been able to see them very much, much less give them a thought or lesson. Hopefully things are going well now and we will be able to get back to them. I miss talking to her, I hope she is doing okay. 

We are teaching this lady and her husband who is less active.  She lost her daughter a few years ago and didn't understand why.  But since we have been teaching her we have helped her understand that when she gets baptized she can go to the temple and do the work for her, which has helped her so much in progressing and understanding. She has a baptism date for the end of the month and she is super excited! When we set it she told everyone! She is progressing a lot and it really does help having lessons at a members house.

The temperatures have been in the upper 90's this week, yup very hot! Yesterday as we came out of our dinner appt. we got in the car and started cooking from the inside out. The temp said 122. . but maybe that is b/c we parked the car facing the sun. But it was still uber hot!

I got your letter, thank you so much for the sd card.  Looks like you had a really fun time at your convention. Thanks for the money, I will let you know with pictures what we used it for. :)  I am not allowed to read the newspaper article about the broadcast, maybe I can get sister Davis to read it. .haha btw she really appreciated your card.  I was so sad to hear about Millie. Thanks for the Obit. though, that I read. My prayers go to Brady and Amanda Flamm.  I don't even know what to say. She was such a happy and positive little one, and she will be missed. But I guess she accomplished what she needed to.  That is one thing that a lot of investigators have trouble with is why would God take the ones they love so much, we can try to help them understand as best we can that their work here on Earth was accomplished and it was time for them to go home. 

Glad you guys had a fun trip, and it is funny about McKayla. [Stayed @ LuWana's and is not use to rules] Oh, Luwana and her rules. Funny thing there is a member up here that reminds me of LuWana and Sandra combined.[My two sisters] She is super healthy and thin but has the rules and spiritualness of LuWana. haha oh and you know the white bowls with the blue flower things around the outside? [referring to Corelle Dishes...Brad & I both brought into the marriage 25 years ago] Yea well everyone and their dog have them up here!! haha no joke I have seen them at probably 5 or so houses. It is kinda weird I am not going to lie.

Remember that shirt I told you about, that I accidently machine washed instead of hand washing . .and it shrunk? It is the shirt Hna Gorriti is wearing in this picture.
Have a good week and Happy Fourth of July. We are pretty excited for it, b/c we get an ALL DAY P-DAY!! It is going to be great! I will let you know all about it next week.

Love you tonz
Hermana Snow
Hi dad,
It sounds like you had a great time at Youth Con. that is cool that you were able to see Shay in her new habitat. haha yes at that age slow dances are just awkward. [referring to McKayla]  oh both of them are growing up. I am glad you all had a great week full of fun activities.

Thanks for your prayers, I can feel them working. Thanks for everything, Have a great week! Like I told mom we get an all day P-day for the Fourth and are super excited!!
Love you much!
Hermana Snow