Monday, February 24, 2014

Hola to all‏

So, this week literally went by in the blink of an eye. We don´t remember what we did Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday my comp had a rather crazy day...let me try to explain. Wednesday we had to get ready for a baptism that we would be having Friday. With the interview Wed., our District Leader was sick so the Zone Leaders came down from La Plata (3 hrs) they missed the first bus at 9:30 am and had to take the 12:30 putting them in Dolores at 3:30. We had to take the bus at 4:00 to La Plata to be in Banfield on Thursday for a meeting for trainers and new missionaries. We met the zone leaders in the terminal handed them the baptism record for the interview gave them the address of the house and said good luck as they took a taxi to find it. A little while later we got a call saying that they were lost and couldn't find the house...oh dear. So after many phone calls and trying to describe things, we finally gave them the number of the person being interviewed and they got it all worked out. phew.
The meeting was really good and we both leaned a lot more about the fundamentals of missionary work and how to apply them in our teaching. After we went to the mission home b/c Hna Vasquez needed to talk to Pres. about a couple things and we both ended up getting blessings from him to help us move forward in the work and of comfort in our lives.
Friday, baptism. Baptisms never go smoothly here. There is always one thing or another going on (gracias adversary) but everything ended up good and for as nervous as she was to be baptized. After the fact she was super happy and content. As were we.
Sat and Sun were relatively quiet, minus the fact that Saturday night I cut my comps hair...and I would send pix but this computer won´t let me. So you will have to wait a week to see the results. Lets just say she had longer and thicker hair than shayla and last Monday she put her hair in a pony on top of her head and cut it first herself. Then realizing that it was way shorter in the front than in the back she told me to cut the rest to match the okay, the only reason I did it is because we couldnt find a barber shop that is open during the hours that we have time to do stuff.  So yea Sat night, we put her hair in a pony and snip snip snip. It is super cute her shoulder length hair. But it was a first for both of us. Her cutting her hair short and me cutting hair. It isn´t professional but it isn´t horrible.
Lastly, I just want to say how much I love Sundays (and Mondays) b/c we get to take little break and go to church. I love church! And the Sacrament definitely has a lot more meaning for me now than ever before. I hope you all realize and remember the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for each of you so that you could have the chance to learn and grow. To make mistakes and learn how to better yourself thru the atonement. It is REAL. Everything about this church and this gospel is real. It has always had a significant meaning in my life, but nothing like it means to me now.
I hope you all have a great week!
Love you. Miss you. Take luck.
Hna snow

Monday, February 17, 2014

Ground hog day...

So here would be a great title for this email...It is Ground Hog day for all of us. You guys get 6 more weeks of winter and I get 6 more weeks of Dolores...hehe!

Anywho, this week was pretty good. It was a little rough for a bit with my comp, and it was the first time in my mission that I have truely felt homesick. It was a strange feeling. But with much prayer and reading the best words of encouragement in my Patriarcal blessing, from my Father in Heaven reminding me that He still loves me. And laying everything on the table between us, things are much better.
For reasons unknown I have had the songs from Saturdays Warrior going through my head for a little while now. haha I really have no idea why. Maybe because in the Liahona magazines there is a page called ¨line upon line¨ who knows.
We had a fantastic lesson with an investigator, Carlos the other day. We watched Finding Faith in Christ and wow the spirit was incredible. He was even crying a little. This hombre is golden. He is looking to change his life and find a better way. We just have to get him to attend church so he can be baptized! woo. The church is true.
So Saturday in the morning we were asked to prepare lessons for the primary just in case the leaders didn't show. In the afternoon the wife of presidente asked us to prepare talks for Sacrament Mtg, on missionary work, then that night the Pres. of YW asked me to prepare the class for her b/c her and her family were was a bit of a stressful and nervous time, to be prepared to give a lesson/talk in all three hours of church. I was a little more than happy to see that the primary teacher was there. But I shared a video in YW and gave a talk in sacrament. I was nervous for that, but it went great. Just like my others I wrote it but with the dirrecion of the spirit only actually used about half of what I had. haha
And lastly, it is really great in those random occasions having the sudden realization that Holy Crap I am in Argentina, speaking spanish, and sharing the greatest gift that we have on this earth. It still amazes me day to day, it is great.
The church is true, the book is blue, This work is great and I love you all! hehe
Have a fantastic week. Thanks for your support and prayers!!
Hna Snow

Pix for Kix

A rainy day and we forgot our jackets.

Mashed potatoes...haha Shay
[fyi Shayla LOVES mashed potatoes]

I dont know if you can tell but the sun has bleached my brown skirt...haha

another of my sun bleached skirts haha I laugh everytime I see it

Monday, February 10, 2014

Traslados . . .‏

First off, we had transfers this past weekend, I cannot believe how fast time is going by, en serio [seriously], the last 6 weeks just flew by like the blink of an eye, ha ha but seriously it is incredible how fast time goes sometimes...anyway with transfers...I am...staying in Dolores for another 6 weeks. I'm not sad b/c there are families that I have come to love, but in all honesty I am not too thrilled either. It still is just complicated, with the people and the mosquito's. 
Any who, like you mentioned in your email Dad, yea I know that it's true, that the things I am missing out on there, are just temporary. [Told her about our quick trip to St. George for some much needed warm sunshine and golf] I am eternally grateful for the experiences that I am having and for the friendships that I am making (not only with the people in my areas and the missionaries from other countries, but ALL the ones from the state and Utah 
(b/c there are a ton ha ha). And I know you guys are all doing great and everything will be there when I get back.  While I was in Pinamar, having a difficult time with some things, I asked for a blessing of comfort (oh, how grateful I am for the Priesthood) there was a part that caught my attention, my lider de distrito [District Leader] said something like, I bless you with the comfort and knowledge that your family is doing well and that all the things back home are good. o algo asi [or something so].  It has been cool to see the blessing and direction that I have received in blessings have been coming true and that everything is good back home. That is definitely a testimony builder. 
In the few days that have passed since emailing last, [heard from her last Thursday while traveling to St. George] not much happened besides having one investigator tell us that after mucho tiempo [long time] investigating and attending church that he doesn´t want to go to church anymore. It was so sad when we received that message. He has been investigating for a while and knows a ton. When we visited him he told us that there was too much hypocrisy and that there's a few things that he doesn´t agree with. It is super sad b/c he has a testimony. He knows these things. The only problem, besides thinking that the natural man is not an enemy to God, is that he thinks way too much with his mind and not with his heart. 
I have noticed that a lot here, the people are afraid it seems to open there heart to really receive all the things that God has in store for them. They are caught up in the things and calamities of the world to understand that all of this is just part of the plan that God has for us. But at least he said that he will keep reading his scriptures. He has finished the book of Mormon and is in the D & C. One day in his life I hope he opens his heart to really understand all the blessings that he has in this life. 
Thanks for everything, the quotes, the stories and advice. They help un montón! [a lot]
Now it´s my turn. I read this morning in 1 Tim 1:13-14, saying something along the lines of we can receive grace and mercy in our lives but we can receive it more abundantly when we have faith and love in Christ. That is a rough translation as I read it in Spanish. I don´t read many things in English anymore, ha ha its great. 

Hope you all have a great week. Until next week, Chau!
Hna Nieve

pix for kix

 the zone de la plata sur

 our district in front of the temple 

mosquito's, 2 pix of my leg, first on Mon night, the other yesterday
 MOSQUITO'S, yes all those black dots are mosquito s and the funny thing is that it is worse around our front door.  It is usually white, but with all the mosquito's it is closer to black, there is probably at least a thousand of them. We have gone thru two cans of Raid trying to keep up with them, but yet they are still there.. . . .
they never end - hard to see but mosquito's are all along the wall
 this was the flooding from last week, and even this pix doesn't do it justice
[fyi - she re-asurred me she is wearing boots]
me and Hna. Vasquez

Monday, February 3, 2014


Dani sent this message to me last week - just wanted to make you all aware...

"I will not be emailing next Monday. Why? Because since we are going to the temple on Wednesday that will be our p-day, not Monday. So don´t fret when you don´t get an email from me on Mon. You will get one on Wed."