Monday, December 23, 2013

Q & A

Q: Does your area cover more than just Dolores?
A: No, because Dolores is in the middle of nowhere and we only cover half. The elders cover the other half. 
[as in E. Carlson]

Q: Are you keeping track of your total # of Baptisms?
A: Of course. I write the name and date of each person.

Q: Are you keeping contact information of ARG friends so you can keep in touch after your mission?
A: Of course again. Those that I become close to I write them a letter with my emails and face book
(fb only if I really really like them haha jk)

Q: Are you writing more detail in your journal than you are in your emails?
A: Yes, I am. Sorry about that but since coming here for some reason it is always an anxious time when emailing b/c there is so much I want to say I have to pick and choose-

Q: How many friends/family are you emailing on each P-Day?
A: Depends, on how many I receive. But the over all email I send to you all, Cyndi, Sister Davis and whoever else I feel like sending it to that week. haha

Q: Read about a horrible storm on Elder Carlson’s blog - you didn’t mention it - were you in same area?
A: Not sure which storm he mentioned. what was the date, we have had a couple storms. But there was a horrible storm when we were in Olmos/ La Plata for zone things a couple weeks ago.

Q: How are you adjusting to the humidity?
A: It is different. The heat I can handle but in this moment the humidity is killing me. And we don´t have a fan in our pension...yea.

1. We got to have lunch today in casa de la mision, with....Zona La Costa!!! Yep, I got to see my dear zone again. That was like a Christmas gift in and of itself. haha
2. I got your package and was able to give Hna. Blanco the recommend cover. She sends much much thanks!!! Thanks for everything and now we know it takes about a month to get here. 

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