Monday, December 16, 2013

Once there was a Snow(wo)man . .

Primer [First], it does not feel like Christmas. Sad but true. Probably porque no hay nieve [because there is no snow]...pero, como un hombre (o mujer) de nieve [but as a man or woman of snow] I feel like I am melting...porque [because] it is all of 36-38 grados [degrees] (98-102 degrees +humidity...woo) 

As for la obra misional [missionary work]. One day we went hunting for nuevos investigadores cuando encontramos una familia, [new researchers when we find a family] well los chicos were afuera [the boys were outside]. We talked to them and asked if we could come back en un otro momento [at a time], they said Sunday. So yesterday we went back and found uno de las hijas en esta familia [one of the daughters in this family]. She allowed us to share the message of the restoration with her and she listened with pure intent and interest. It was amazing. We weren´t even distracted by the heat or anything.

Again as I gave the first vision, looking into her wide eyes she had that spark of interest in them. Ahhh, it was so cool.  After sharing and explaining the work of Profeta José Smith [Prophet Joseph Smith] we asked her how she felt and what she thought about it, her response ¨rado¨(strange). haha I liked that response. Most people just say good. But you could tell that something had sparked in her and she had that eagerness to find out more. We gave her un Libro de Mormón [a Book of Mormon] and asked her to read the intro that would explain a bit more about the Libro and José smith [book and Joseph Smith] then to pray about the message and what she read.  

As we were leaving, I asked if there was a number we could reach her at. She said she didn't have a phone at the moment entonces [then] no number to reach her. When just then her sister popped out of the cocina [Kitchen] (we thought we were the only ones in the house...surprise) and offered her number.  Little did we know that she had been listening the whole time. How cool, right?  We took her number, gave her the folleto of La restauración y un Libro de Mormón with lo mismo [brochure of  the Restoration and a Book of Mormon with the same] reading assignment. Wow, we left happy that is for sure.  

It is definitely those times that make the times of waiting and trying to find those who are ready to hear this mensaje [message] totally worth it. When you find them that have that spark inside and are truly prepared to listen.

This gospel is amazing, and it is great to be able to be here sharing it with all we can. Even through the hard times. But hey, the Lord said it would be worth it. He didn´t say it would be easy.  In the words of Elder Holland ¨Salvation is not a cheap and easy experience.¨

Happy Holidays to all. Les espero que pueden disfrutar a todos!! 
Les Quiero un montón. [I hope you can enjoy all. I want to a lot]
Hermana Nieve [Sister Snow]

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