Monday, November 25, 2013

Dolores: Middle of the mission or middle of nowhere!

As far as the area goes it is rather large. We live on the outskirts. It is the campo [field] and reminds me a lot of Idaho. Haha but it is like Pinamar and Ostende smushed into one. Menos la arena, [less sand] but the roads...haha, the dirt roads, it is like mountain biking without the mountains. I am still getting to know the people and area (it is a little hard without many of the streets having signs.) But the members seem really nice and they talk a million miles an hour . . oh dear. We are in a barrio [district] it is little different than a rama [branch] but not much.  I have a calling in the YW's as one of the Counselors and ayer [yesterday] I taught the class (okay so it is all of 3 girls and 2 Leaders). I have never taught a YW class much less in Spanish, but it went better than I anticipated. It is amazing what the spirit can help you with.
We have a chaotic family of investigators and every time we go they have un montón [a lot] of questions for me because I am from estados unidos [the United States] and they all talk at once...they asked me to pray in Engish...yea, it was really really hard.  I started in English but ended up finishing in Spanish. Haha that is a good sign right?
Pero [But] in reality, I think Heavenly Father has put me on the fast track to something. I just am not sure what it is yet. I am not sure what wheels are turning or what he has in store for me. But I can´t wait to find out and see what it is. During our district meeting this week I was pensando [thinking] about some things. Looking back now on the past 3 months or so I have definitely changed. I can see that when I worried about the language and the other little things, I was stressed, couldn´t focus on nada [nothing] and didn´t progress. But when I let Heavenly Father take over, focused on the work and loving the people and having a positive atitude, that is when I could see the progression in myself. Even in those dificult times if I found even a ray of sunshine or algo [something] to smile about it made all the difference. That is when I found the most enjoyment in the mission. Siempre [always] trying to find the brightside (and yes sometimes it is more difficult than other times). 
The numbers matter but not as much as the people and our true purpose for being out here serving the Lord, because it is true. We really have the truth.  This time really is too short to worry about the little things. I know that while we are out here on the front lines, if we are always striving to do our best the Lord really will do the rest. We need to enjoy this time and learn as much as we can because it will be over before we know it.
Have a semana maravillosa! [wonderful week]
Les quiero, [I'd like to]
Hna Snow

P.S. Elder Carlson is in my District...Haha, small World.
[Elder Carlson is my college roommates son]

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