Monday, October 21, 2013


Hola todos! [Hello everyone]

This week flew by, yesterday I was thinking, holy guacamole, mañana is lunes, Cómo? [tomorrow is Monday] haha.
Things are going a lot better, I am feeling a lot better and I am feeling more confident in the language and the work. Hna Blanco has been a huge help in this process. She is just as crazy as I am and we are getting along fabulously. She helps me with my Spanish everyday. Right now it is the dumb conjugations that I have trouble with. But I know I just have to be patient and keep studying and it will come when I am most ready.
Hna Blanco, en realidad [in fact] has an incredible testimonio [testimony] with amazing experiences to go with it.  I have learned so much from her in the last 2 weeks and can't wait for what I will learn from her in the weeks to come.
As far as work is going, it is slow, but right now we feel like we need to focus on the rama [Branch], los miembros [Members], y los menos activos [and the less active], trying to strenghen them and build la unidad de este rama [the unit of this Branch].  We still have investigators and so now we are just working on finding balance with this work.
We have quite the work ahead of us but I think in the long run it will be a really good change for this area.

hasta luego, [see you soon]
Hna Snow

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