Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Wow, this week was a good one and ended really great, with the baptism of the last hija de la familia [daughter of the family] Gomez, Johana. It was incredible. It was a little rough, but considering it was my first baptism without Hna Tobar running the show, and doing it all, it went well.

She was so nervous but it is true, when you look into their eyes, you can tell all the difference. Just like her sisters, when I looked into her eyes, there was a brightness of hope and faith radiating from her heart. Wow.
We, the four hermanas de Pinamar [sisters of Pinamar], sang ´Yo se que vive mi SeƱor´ (I know that my Redeemer lives) and the spirit was like a warm blanket over the room. Again, just like Candela, I looked into her eyes as we were singing, and you could just tell that she knows it is all true and this is the start to a new life.
Not only that part was amazing though, her sister wasn't there to give her testimony, so we asked her mom to, she is not a member...yet, they have to get married first, (a reoccurring problem we find down here, a lot of people are living juntada y no casada [coupled and unmarried]). . but she gave the most sincere, heart felt testimony.  Stating that she knows this is the true church, and that one day she wants to go to the temple with her family. It was just . . wow! She really wants to get baptized and be sealed in the temple!!!
She has stopped smoking completely, everything is in line, there are just a few bridges we have to cross with the whole getting married thing. But she is so ready, and she is willing to wait. She will make an awesome member!
But seriously, there has been the most amazing change in this family. There really are no words to describe it. But it has been such a testimony and faith builder and a blessing to me to be able to witness this miracle happening.  They are truly being converted to this Gospel and I am happy that I have gotten the chance to be an instrument in God's hands to help this change happen.
Where there was tension and frustration before there are smiles and laughter.  They are becoming closer as a family and building that eternal relationship.
Sunday for her confirmation, those chicos [girls]that are members showed up in their Sunday best, but so did Hna Gomez and Johana, oh she looked so good. 
Before, when we talked about baptism with her and what was really holding her back, she said she didn't like having to wear a skirt...haha I know how that goes.  But when we got right down to it, there really wasn't anything holding her back, it was then that she asked us when the next baptism was.
In all honesty, I know for a fact that this Gospel is true and it really can change the lives of people and families. It can solve any problem you just have to put all your trust and faith in God and the Lord and things will work out. I love having the opporunity to serve here in Argentina and to be able to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord in changing lives for eternity.
I hope you all have a fantabulous week!
Keep smiling.
Hermana Snow
  Pix of the baptism for Johana Gomez
"Baptizing one family member at a time"

Last week we were able to visit the mar [sea] for pix
Below are "Pix for Kix"


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