Monday, December 30, 2013

Transfers . What? It has been 6 weeks!

Today is transfers. But before I talk about that...we had a baptism this past week of Leila, the little 9 year old chica [girl] that was always ready and excited to go to church with us. The baptism was awesome and she was just so cute and happy. But I think the best part was that her whole family was there to support her in this decision, minus her dad who was working. But it was so cool to see so many people there for her.  Woo, this church is true! 

As mentioned before, today is transfers, we got calls late Saturday night.  Hna Acha is opening up a new area with Hna Rodriguez from Pinamar, and I...drum staying in Dolores with a new Sister that I will be training. Oh dear haha I´m going to be a mom. haha yay my first hija [daughter] in the mission. We will have to see how this transfer goes.  But time is passing rapidly, with the new year, then with me being in ARG for almost 5 months...then the next (in like a week and a half) I hit 10 months I still don´t know how that happened. But oh well, I have to enjoy it while I can. 

Sorry don't have much time today [emailing from Banfield as it is transfer day]. I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year!  Love you all! 
Hna Snow
9 year old Leila with her family minus her dad who had to work

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