Monday, October 21, 2013

Q & A

Q: Any word on your VISA?
A: nope, no word yet about what they are doing,.
Q: Have you cut your hair since you’ve been on your mission?
A: once, in Idaho, but here no.
Q: How are you and Hna Blanco getting along now?
A: we are doing great. both helping each other with the language, (she knows more English than she lets on, b/c she has started speaking more, and she told me that she trusts me and is more comfortable) 
Q: How are you seriously holding up?
A: Seriously, things are a lot better, we had interviews with Presidente Thurgood this past week and we know what we have to do to move this work forward. Other than the whole sleep issue, things are a lot better. I am more confident and feeling a lot better.

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