Monday, December 2, 2013

Q & A

Q: What is your companions name?
A: Hna Acha. She is 20.
Q: Where is she from?
A: Bolivia
Q: Do you get along okay?
A: Yes and no. Yes, we get along, but this area has no organization and I always feel like there is a bit of tension and not much spirit and I think she has multiple personality disorder...she tends to talk out loud to herself and such.
Q: What is your new apartment like?
A: Really old. It is the old house of our bishop. It is big, but honestly disgusting. Last week we tried cleaning it the best we could but I don't know what else to do without taking a torch to it. At least we have a nice and cleanish bathroom.
Q: How do you get around?
A: Bicis [Bikes] there are no collectivos [?] in Dolores. It is either bici [bikes], caminando [walking] or auto.
Q: Is your language getting better?
A: Yes. It has gotten better. It helps having native companions.
Q: How big is the district there?
A: We have 8 people in our district and 18 in our zone.  We are the only sisters minus the senior couple in our district.
Q: How’s the weather inland?
A: Hot. With a bit of humidity.
Q: What about the wild life, ie, bugs, animals, etc.
A: Luckily I have not seen any large spiders yet. But we have a lot of frogs and mosquitos (I have a total of 20 or so bites) and there are a lot of horses everywhere and still dogs and the usual.
Q: How often do you have district meetings as missionaries?
A: Every week on Tuesday.
Q: Have you been able to see any sights in your new area?  And what are they?
A: No b/c there are none. Dolores is literally in the middle of nowhere. 
Q: Would you still like some quotes?
A: Yes please, when you can. Thanks.

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