Monday, September 23, 2013

fun facts and random stuff.

So remember how I had you send lyrics...well our new district leader is just as obsessed with Disney as we are, as in he knows all the words to just about every song. It is pretty funny.  But he has all the songs, so we were able to get them from him and since he has them in English and Spanish, I am learning them in Spanish and Hna Tobar is learning them in English. bah!! awesome! 

I have a favor...can you pretty please send me a picture of the mountains? I am missing them quite a lot and they have nothing here. It is flat because we are on the coast. 

We had a zone activity today, fun fact once a transfer or for very special occasions we are able to watch a pelicula [Movies], children's of course so they usually end up being Disney.  So far we have watched (last transfer) Despicable Me, then for my birthday we watched Hotel Transylvania, which is super funny by the way even in Spanish with Eng. subtitles.  Then today we watched Monsters University, b/c it is the end of the transfer and Elder Day´s birthday is tomorrow. Anyway, I had the fun idea to make a very special treat for the activity I did and everyone loved it, Hna Tobar loved it minus the chips...but I even converted our district leader, Elder Robison (from Fillmore Utah) to it, he kept saying that he was not a fan, I told him to try it once. One time was all it took, Haha our special treat rules again. Even though it did not taste the same as with ingredients in the states, it was still good.

Gotta love "Brad's Guacamole" "Dani's Guac."

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