Monday, December 9, 2013

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Hola to all, 
This weekend we had a baptism of a sister who has had about 2 or 3 fechas para bautismal [baptismal dates] in the past. But this time she finally did it! I guess she has a real fear of water. As she was walking into the font she was shaking and really nervous. And ironically the hno had to perform the ordinance twice, b/c her feet popped out.  After the first one she almost walked out of the font saying that she can´t do that again. But after calming her down telling her to breathe and to bend her knees, she was able to calm herself down enough to do it again. The second time it worked, oh the poor señora was shaking so much when she came out of the font, but She Did it!!!! It was a great service and it just goes to show with faith and confidence in the Lord we can face our fears. And her poor son who was sitting in the front row, was super scared and nervous for his mom.  How cute? You could really tell a difference in her after she came out of the font, she had a special light about her. And after her confirmation (her son up there with her :) )  she had that glow and smile about her that only comes from being cleansed of sin and starting a new life.  

I always love Fast and testimony meeting, especially with los chicos, [the boys] they are adorable!  We had a few go up and bear their testimonies. They are really the sweetest most innocent testimonies, reminding us that we are all children of our Heavenly Father and that this is the true church.  We really have the true way to be happy for now and for eternity.  

Entonces, [Then] thus the title (one b/c I love Disney and two b/c its true), with a little faith trust and pixie dust (oh the spirit)...we can accomplish those things that are hard and overcome our fears. Sometimes we have to walk blindly into the dark and have the faith that someone is there to lead us or catch us if we fall.  

I hope you all are getting in the Christmas Spirit and enjoying the season, it is a little weird menos [less] the snow and all. Pero Bueno [But well].

Have a great week! 
Hna Snow

 Baptism of Angela


The Zone
[I believe E. Carlson is back row 3rd from left]

Q & A
Q: What do you miss the most?
A: the, fam, bbq, and the mountains

Q: Are things getting better with your companion?
A: very little by little

Q: Can you keep in touch with Hna. Blanco regarding the Gomez Families progress?
A: not really, we can only have communication for things with the mission, so I don´t think I can ask her about that sadly. 

Q: So did you officially meet Elder Carlson?
A: yes, he is in my district and in this area/ward with us
Q: If yes to above question, who connected the dots first?
A: me, but he said something about it first 

Q: Do you get to drink pop?
A: yes, b/c we are not supposed to drink the water

Q: What’s your favorite ARG food?
A: all of it...pastas and empanadas [pies]. But seriously all of it is good. 

Q: Do they have Avocados or Artichokes?
A: avocados yes, artichokes no idea, I haven't seen them yet

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