Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"It´s a hard knock life for us."

Hehe Hola mis queridos! [Hello my dear]

This week was super fast again. It is like we blink and the week is gone. Not so much a fan of that because that means I am getting closer to the end of my mission...but lets not think about that.

Honestly I don´t really remember much from this week. But my mind has been acting super weird lately too. I think one of our investigators who is super nervous ALL the time is rubbing off on me..oh dear. All I know is that again I haven't been sleeping much, my mind is ALWAYS racing as with my heart beat and pulse. But between that stress and I think the water - I have lost a bunch of hair (like Cancun but worse! I'll send a  pix next week) and weight...not sure what to do but I feel like I am eating all the time.

Anywho, with Carlos. He is golden and is super excited to be baptized this weekend! He wants it. The last lesson we had with him we were able to have members come with us and bear testimony of the prophets and how they are guiding us in these days. Its amazing. Carlos recognizes the miracles in his life and can see the changes that are happening. It is so exciting.  He is seeing the blessings of the gospel play out in his life and the power of prayer in helping his family- it is so cool! hehe.

Yesterday I gave the lesson in YW on the atonement of Jesus Christ, all I can say is wow. The spirit was super strong and the lesson was great. We have a 16 yr old convert of like a month who bore her testimony in the class about how she was able to make the changes in her life and is now enjoying the blessings of the gospel-  seriously I think sometimes the converts have stronger testimonies of these things than us being members our whole lives. They have been on both sides and know both sides - a life w/o the gospel and a life with the gospel. Yea I have always had a testimony of the Atonement, but it has definitely grown stronger and I understand it so much deeper now.

I hope you all realize and appreciate the sacrifice of our Savior for each of us. It is real and no matter what you have done you can always turn to Him for forgiveness and help with anything.

Love you all! Have a fabulous week!!
Hna Snow

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