Monday, March 10, 2014

A week in a blink...

I swear every time I blink another week just goes by. I now officially have 6 months left of my mission (not sure how I feel about that). It is getting harder for me to talk and write in Ingles [English]. It is sad to think I have to leave ARG one day. But happy that I will be able to see all of you. 

This week we had our con de zona [Zone Conference] that was buenisimo!! [no clue] About what we can do to help our members to have them help we just have to apply it here where we have little to no support from the members still. But little by little we hope that we can change this rama [branch]. 

Lately there has been a black cloud over Dolores that is effecting everyone. The joys of a small town where everyone knows everyone...its great. 

But on the bright side...we had 2 baptisms this weekend. Both older people. One went perfectly, Carlos. He is golden! We found him. Got to know him - he was a smoker for most of his life and had stopped for about 4 months when we found him. He wanted to change his life. We started teaching him and he absorbed everything. About a month later was baptized.  He is one of those incredible success stories that you sometimes hear about where they just take hold of this Gospel and take off. He was definitely prepared for us to find him. And he is sincerely and truly converted. It is amazing!

The other convert, Susana, has a fear of dogs and just about everything else...she is always nervous and jittery, but she retained everything we taught her. About 5 min before the service started she said that she didn't want to be baptized anymore b/c her fear of water and not being able to swim. We took her aside and tried to calm her down. And tried to explain to her that her fear is Satan trying to keep her from being baptized.  We had the baptism of Carlos first to show her that she wouldn't be alone in the font and that she would be just fine. After Carlos she jumped up and said okay lets do it. Seeing, rather than just us telling her that things were going to be just fine. And that the Hno would be with her every step of the way (hehe and litteraly every step into and out of the font). So we had 2 baptism's! It was pretty cool!

Well, not much else happened this week...can't believe that we are almost at the end of another transfer...time should stop speeding up. But what can ya do?

Anywho, hope you are all doing great and having fun with life amidst all the bad things that are in this world.  
Love you and miss you all!

Hna Snow

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