Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hola to all!

Firstly, thank you for celebrating my one year mark with hitting the slopes. For me it was a weird feeling. For one, realizing that I only have 6 months left in the mission and in Argentina. 2. It is getting harder and harder for me to write and speak English- (I end up speaking Spanglish hehe) and Tres, I hit a year and everything started coming back from my past life... songs, quotes, movies...bah. It is kinda horrible and distracting. So yea that is what happened to me on my one year mark. How exciting no?

We had exchanges this past week, but instead of changing areas the other sisters came and stayed with us in our house and we divided and conquered both parts of our area. It was fantantic! My comp and the Hna Farnsworth (she is from Utah, Sandy to be exact...and to make this world smaller, we know each other from Alta b/c we graduated together) visited our converts and other investigators while the Hna. Anae from Hawaii (who was in my zone when I first came to ARG in La Costa, hehe) found new investigators in our other area and taught some less actives. Then Wed. we were smart enough to plan lunch literally in the other end of Dolores - the farthest point of our area away from our house...it was quite the adventure walking...haha the other Hnas had the bicis b/c we would be a bit closer working in the area we were...the problem was walking back to the house after so that the two other Hnas could get their things ready to head back to their area. Lets just say about a little over an hour later we made it back to the house. My thoughts: the bicis are a blessing and my legs are still hurting. haha but it was quite the fun adventure walking every point of Dolores. Definitely have some funny memories that is for sure. 
Anyway not much else really exciting happened this week minus the fact that time still is just speeding up. We have transfers this coming week and will get transfer calls Saturday night. It is all up in the air, but I will let you all know what happens next week. So for now we all have to wait in suspense. haha que bueno. 
Hope you are all doing great and having fun with life (by the sound of it things are going good). Say hello to everyone for me. 
Love ya tonz and bunches,
Hna Snow

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