Monday, February 17, 2014

Ground hog day...

So here would be a great title for this email...It is Ground Hog day for all of us. You guys get 6 more weeks of winter and I get 6 more weeks of Dolores...hehe!

Anywho, this week was pretty good. It was a little rough for a bit with my comp, and it was the first time in my mission that I have truely felt homesick. It was a strange feeling. But with much prayer and reading the best words of encouragement in my Patriarcal blessing, from my Father in Heaven reminding me that He still loves me. And laying everything on the table between us, things are much better.
For reasons unknown I have had the songs from Saturdays Warrior going through my head for a little while now. haha I really have no idea why. Maybe because in the Liahona magazines there is a page called ¨line upon line¨ who knows.
We had a fantastic lesson with an investigator, Carlos the other day. We watched Finding Faith in Christ and wow the spirit was incredible. He was even crying a little. This hombre is golden. He is looking to change his life and find a better way. We just have to get him to attend church so he can be baptized! woo. The church is true.
So Saturday in the morning we were asked to prepare lessons for the primary just in case the leaders didn't show. In the afternoon the wife of presidente asked us to prepare talks for Sacrament Mtg, on missionary work, then that night the Pres. of YW asked me to prepare the class for her b/c her and her family were was a bit of a stressful and nervous time, to be prepared to give a lesson/talk in all three hours of church. I was a little more than happy to see that the primary teacher was there. But I shared a video in YW and gave a talk in sacrament. I was nervous for that, but it went great. Just like my others I wrote it but with the dirrecion of the spirit only actually used about half of what I had. haha
And lastly, it is really great in those random occasions having the sudden realization that Holy Crap I am in Argentina, speaking spanish, and sharing the greatest gift that we have on this earth. It still amazes me day to day, it is great.
The church is true, the book is blue, This work is great and I love you all! hehe
Have a fantastic week. Thanks for your support and prayers!!
Hna Snow

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