Monday, March 24, 2014

Pix for Kix

My side
 Hna Vasquez side
 Where we kept the materials
 extra room with our suitcases

 our entry and kitchen
 closer of the kitchen
 the bathroom
 The sign leaving Dolores. haha translation, ¨happy travels we hope you come back soon...
(if you could, can you send this one to E. Carlson please)
 okay here is one of us making french toast
hot dogs
 classes de English that no one showed up for
yw pres y hijas [YW Pres & Daughters]
 fam Marquez
 Pres and Hna Lidia
My mom [Sr. Companion] Hna Tobar, me 
and my hija, [daughter/Jr. Companion] Hna Vasquez. 
3 generations
part of the zona La Costa the suit jacket is Elder Halley who is leaving

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