Monday, March 24, 2014

Oh what a day.

Hello. So as I mentioned last week, this weekend we received transfer calls...and drum roll please...I am finally out of ¨Dolores¨! And I have to be honest, the place - I´m not going to miss very much. But I will miss my hija [daughter/Jr. Companion] and some of the people that were there. Strangely enough it was a bittersweet feeling bearing my testimony yesterday. Haha who would have thunk it.

Anywho, I was transferred to the zone La Plata 2. Right smack dab in the middle of the city of La Plata. Hehe I am just moving up the mission map. Starting out in the bottom of the mission in La Costa, moving up a bit more to Dolores, and now moving up a bit more to La Plata. We all think that I will either die here or move up one more step and end in Banfield. Haha I guess we will see.

So I spent the night last night and day I guess saying bye and getting pix with some of the members. We left Dolores at 3 in the morning (with my 3 suitcases, this time the space wasn't the issue more so the heaviness in trying to get them and those other Elders that left too into the storage space)...slept the entire 3 hours to La Plata, waited an hour to catch the train that left at about 7 ish, took an hour ride to one station to then catch another train to Banfield. But here's the story, as we were very quickly unloading all the luggage of us and other misionaries, we were getting the last and the train started pulling away. We got all the luggage and the last Elder jumped off as it gained speed...we looked around and noticed that someone was missing...yea, Hna Vasquez was still on the train, as it rode away, and there was nothing we could do in this moment b/c the man gave the sign to leave as she was trying to get panic attack. She is new, our area is campo [field]. After much thinking and freaking out we realized that there were still missionaries that didn't get off with us. phew we figured out the area they were in to call them to make sure that she was with them and that we would be waiting for them at the station. Bah...I felt horrible and after all the freaking out and we were finally all together in the capilla [chapel] we got a good laugh. But, oh man, heart attack. To be separated from my comp. but then to see the hand of the Lord protecting us all in how it all played out.

The transfer meeting was really good, with my old zone leader from La Costa leaving, sad day. But their testimonies are super strong. We got photos, as a lot of us from the ´original zona la costa´were there. Then I found my new comp, Hna Madina, she was actually in La Costa for a transfer while I was there. She is 22 from Mexico and we are super excited to work hard and experience La Plata together. hehe  it is also super funny after the transfer meeting when all of us are leaving to our new areas the train station is filled with missionaries and their luggage. Its great

I am super excited for this different transfer. With a lot of things that are going to be super new for me, like we don't have the bicis [bikes] anymore, and I am not in campo [field/country] anymore. I am in full city. It will be a change, but a good change.

pix, my new comp Hna Madina

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