Monday, March 24, 2014

Q & A

Q: Have you seen or met Lauren Oakey? She’s from the 2nd Ward in our Stake.

A: Yes. I met her in Idaho too. Right before I left and she recently got here to ARG

Q: Are the shoe inserts working for you?

A: Yes they are perfect and exactly the ones that I have been using. MUCHAS GRACIAS!!

Q: While reading E. Carlson’s Blog he mentioned for his birthday they cracked an egg on his head and then threw flour at him. Did they do this to you?

A: Haha poor kid. No they didn't do that to me. When was his b'day?

Q: E. Carlson also mentioned something about “clapping” at the door. Do you not knock or ring the doorbell?

A: Sometimes like if they live on a busy street, then yes we knock. But it is customary here to clap at the door. Sorry I don't remember what I have or haven't told you.

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