Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Mom, thanks for the lyrics, totally made my day! They have little internet cafes all over that we are able to use and print out things. haha I thought you would like the plate. I definitely got a kick out of it. Thanks for the Birthday wishes from facebook...they made me smile. :)
Thanks for doing all the fun activities after I left. . haha Glad everything worked out with hna Gorriti and Sister Davis. Aren´t they awesome!?
I am glad things are going well with school and everything thanks for the Hi from Mrs. Baker, tell her Hola for me.
That is crazy about the mission calls, with Alli going to the same mission that Elder Ludlow is in, and Paige going to Russia, wow! Yea those in my district that are in Anaheim haven't gotten their VISA's yet either.
Hna Tobar [Dani's Companion] just hit her 6 month mark so not too much longer than I have been out.
Thanks I know you are all here for me and sometimes I feel like I am in some part of California not all the way in Argentina ...Satan has a sneaky little way of getting in minds and it is rather annoying. But I know that if I keep going and put all my trust and faith in the Lord He will help me through anything, even if it seems impossible, NOTHING is impossible with the Lord. I learn that a little more everyday.
I am in the southern part of the mission in pinamar area, and our area that we serve in is Ostede. or with google earth type in Pinamar or something. It is a cute little area with a TON of arena!!! (sand) everywhere!! It is rather annoying at times. haha. Glad everything is going well and hope your trips are a blast.
Hna Snow

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