Monday, September 9, 2013

Oh Argentina...

This week went by super fast, and was much better.  The weather down here is a lot like Utah...warm one day and really really cold with rain the next. Haha go figure. 
First, at almuerzo [lunch-mid morning snack]on Miércoles [Wednesday] with the padres de our branch presidente, they asked me to say the prayer in English. . I was surprised at how hard it was to pray out loud in English, but I took that as a good sign.  I have definitely been able to see growth this week, I understand so much more, for ex: we had conferencia de zona en Sabado [Saturday] and understood everything, and at church on Domingo [Sunday], I understood all of Relief Society and a couple talks in la reunion sacramental.  yay! I was excited. Speaking is coming a bit more each day. I am talking more in lessons, but having regular conversations is still difficult. Hna Tobar says that the most important part is the gospel and the other will come. 

Friday we had an activity about communication with the family. Us Hermanas [Sisters] acted out different scenes, Hna Tobar and I were the bad example of communication and the otros [other] Hnas were the good means of communication.  It was rather interesting, I will have to say.  I have done the whole improv acting a little in English...but to have to do it in Spanish, I was a bit worried, I don´t know that many words in spanish. . . But with much prayer the activity went really well. There was only a couple families there, and after the videos that our mission leader showed the spirit that was there was definitley a confirming witnesss of how vital good communication with the familia really is.  

Like I mentioned, we had conferencia de zona this week, with Presidente and Hna Thurgood.  It was a lot different than in Idaho, it was just our zone and the mission presidency.  The zone leaders asked Hna Tobar and I to give a training on commitments. . bah a little nerve wracking but we were grateful after because we didn´t have to do a role play in front of everyone. haha But really it was an AMAZING conference. It was like a spiritual atomic bomb went off in our capilla [Chapel]. It was incredible. We learned about the importance of extending commitments and how inspired questions can guide a lesson in the direction that God wants it to go.  

We left the conference and it was pouring, ah my first Argentine rainstorm, and it was awesome, especially on bicis [bikes]. haha we got drenched but it was super fun.  we tried to visit people but not many people were there or just pretended not to be.  As we were leaving one house, we tried knocking on a door by it and the little daughter answered in tears. We asked what the problem was and she said that the TV wasn´t working. We tried a few things, nothing, so we said a quick prayer tried a couple other things and it worked.  We left and looked at each other and just smiled,  yup that was a mini miracle right there and a prayer answered.  Oh the faith and trust of a child is truly amazing.  

That is all for this week, 
I hope you all have a fabulous week! 
Hna Snow
Pix is of Hna Tobar and I with our awesomely ghetto bicis. We were supposed to get new ones Sat. but it didn´t happen. Entonces [Then] we are stuck with these for a bit longer. Needless to say I have gotten really good at getting on and off and riding an Elder´s bike in a skirt haha. 

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