Monday, September 9, 2013

5 Weeks

Hola Padres!
Things are better. The members are awesome and I love them a ton. The wife of the branch pres is super cute. She always responds to things in English. haha we don´t get many referrals and contacting is hard b/c it is a Catholic dominant area. But we get a good one every once in a while. As far as cold contacting we really don't do a lot, but our area is being split and we are getting a new part added to ours so we are hoping work picks up.  

Glad you had fun at Bear Lake, yea thanks for taking out the boat after I leave. . haha jk.  The tubes are fun but the banana is the bomb! That is the fun part- trying not to fall off. 
Your bike is super nice [Brad got a new Mtn. Bike]. How do you like our bicis? [See previous post-pix] Cute huh?  We started out walking everywhere, but it took a ton of time, so we are using bikes that the elders, who were here before us, left. They are awesome. It was a killer on my knees in the beginning but after we raised the seat and filled the tire, it is a lot easier and the muscles that I lost from dancing are coming back.  The difference between Elders and Sisters bicis is that there is no bar from the handles to the seat on the sisters, making it easier in a skirt. But after having these bicis for over tres semanas [3 weeks], mas o menos [but more or less], I have gotten really good at getting off and on and riding an Elders bike in a skirt and maintaining some modesty. haha

Church is the same, three hour block and everything. The branch is super small. This week we had maybe 50 people there. We have lunch with members everyday the same families regularly. We eat lunch instead of dinner with them, b/c is it their main meal.  

P-days, we clean and prep til 10, email, then have lunch and activites with our district in la capilla til 6 or earlier if we have to go shopping. 
Yea, I can´t believe that I have been out 6 months time has gone by fast.  Thanks for all your support and love, yea if you could I would like a quote.

Please and thanks!!!ç
Love you all so much!!ç
Hna Snow

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