Monday, September 16, 2013

Blessings, Miracles and More

Hola a todos, [all] 
This week was full of exciting events entonces, it went by really fast. Here are some highlights.
Wednesday, we journeyed to Valeria del Mar to contact some members and less active members who could help us get the work going there. Things were going relatively good, but there was basically no one outside, it was like a ghost town. So after contacting one last house we decided to head back. My bici started to have problems, so I stopped and tried to figure out what was up.  A gentleman passed by and helped us by kicking the back tire and getting things back in place. And it worked great, . . .until about 10 min later,  when it died in it wouldn´t pedal and the back tire wouldn´t move. Oh how I love these bicis. So we started to trek back. We said a prayer that we would make it back safely and in good time b/c it was dark now and we were rather far from where we were headed. 
After we prayed the tire moved but it still wouldn´t pedal. Here´s where the blessing comes in, as we trekked back on a main street with light, we made it to the boundary of Ostende and Valeria, a place we recognized, and my bici stopped functioning completely, no movement of the back tire, nada. But I saw it as a prayer answered, we made it back to a familiar area in good time and with safety-pretty cool. But now we are without bicis...we had a really good lesson with a family on the Word of Wisdom, with a member present who is a convert of 2 years and who had a problem with almost all of the bad things of the WOW. The lesson went great and he shared his story and testimony, bringing a very strong spirit into the house. Afterwards I shared my testimony. I had a very strong feeling to share with them that I had a Grandma die from smoking, before I was born and how I didn´t get to know her here in this life. Such a simple testimony, but there was an incredibly strong spirit that filled the room and I may or may not have started crying as I spoke. 
Being a member all my life, sometimes I feel like I can´t relate to many of the people here, I don´t know what they are experiencing. But at this moment, I felt like I had something to help them, like I had something that they could relate to. It was really cool and I am grateful for that experience.
I know that the lord places us in peoples lives and others in our lives for a reason. That reason is because either we have something to learn from them or they have something to learn from us. Keep being an example and living right. You never know who might be watching.
Have a great week!!
Hna Snow
Some pics for kicks
Yes, she found them! fyi, the bag is Milk.

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