Monday, September 2, 2013

Hola to you and you and you...

This week has been a little better than last week. Here are some things that I have learned in the last couple weeks:

1. Satan is incredibly real and knows how to worm his way into the minds of anyone, missionaries, members and people alike. Just like the scriptures say all good things are of God, if it is not good it is of the Devil, that is most definitely true, and it may not even be a large thing, merely a simple thought, but with that simple thought it can turn into something bigger. I have experienced it and seen it in people in this area. I am grateful for the knowledge of prayer that we have, to talk to God, anytime, anywhere and can ask him for help. No matter what it is. 
2.  Exact obedience brings miracles, blessings, protection and more. This is His work, His Gospel, His promise. We are just instruments in His hands. 
3. It is truly amazing what this Gospel can do when applied. How it can change lives and bring hope to anyone. And with that, when teaching by the Spirit miracles happen. The spirit really does do the converting, not us. It gives that witness that no one else can and it is really cool to see the effect that is has on those who accept that confirming witness.
We were trying to contact a referral and ended up finding a new investigator.  We had a short lesson on the plan of salvation and invited her to say a prayer with us before we left. She agreed hesitantly but her prayer was honest and real.  We said amen and she was crying, right there is the power of the Spirit.  A couple days later we had a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her, her husband and his brother and I can tell you the spirit was so strong you could cut it with a knife.  We invited them to be baptized and it took them a while to respond, so we sat there in silence. But it wasn´t an awkward silence, it was a peaceful silence. She was silent and I could tell that she was feeling the strong spirit in their little room. A little while later they agreed to a date at the end of the month as a goal.
It is so cool to be able to be a representative of Jesus Christ and to be able to be a witness of the changing power that the Spirit has in the hearts of all who are open to it. I love this gospel and love serving around so many converts, it has strengthened my testimony and trust in the Lord so much.
Have a fabulous week!!
Hermana Snow
We did yard service with an investigator. . the tall trees in the picture with the capilla [Chapel] those are pine trees. The large one is normal for here. Then I found a little one. . normal for home. 

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