Monday, September 23, 2013

Q & A

You guys are crazy. Haha but okay I will answer them... 

Hermana Snow,
Trying something a little different this week. We have all written down some questions and would like you to hit reply and fill in the "A" or answer part. Love you so much.

Your Fam.

Q: Is the weather getting warmer down there?

A: Yes the weather is slowly getting warmer, it is freakishly like Utah, changing a lot.  Some days are warm others are super cold with sun... super deceiving. 

Q: What food - other than Fruit Loops and Milk out of a bag are you eating?

A: Haha lots of rice with potatoes and carne, pastas of all types, I have had hambugers only a couple times, when our lunch appt fell thru and on P'day. They are very different... with ham. 

Q: How much money do you get to spend each month?

A: We get about 1 mil pesos a month. 

Q: What is the money exchange rate - US Dollars to ARG currency?

A: I have no idea what the exchange rate is. 

Q: What is ARG currency?

A: They use pesos

Q: Have you seen any Tarantula's? [McKayla's Question]

A: Not yet, but it is very unsure what summer will bring. 

Q: What animals do you see while walking?

A: Nothing too extreme, MANY MANY MANY dogs, a few cats. 

Q: What is the landscape like?

A: In our area we have a couple paved roads but the rest are dirt. It is generally flat b/c we are on the coast. But there are a few ups and downs. [See Pix Below]

Q: Do you have a shower at your place?

A: Yes we have a shower with hot water.

Q: How are you sleeping these days?

A: Depends, some nights are better than others. There are still times when I wake up at either 2:30 or 4:30 for no apparent reason, but it is getting better. 

Q: How are your clothes holding up?

A: Pretty good haven´t had anything too rough.  Skirts are good, the grey jacket is amazing as are mom´s gloves (thank you a bunch!) as for my tights...I have a hole in one b/c I had a run in with a dog while on my bici. But no worries all I have is a scratch. The dog didn´t do too much damage. 

Q: Do you buy snacks while you are out working?  And, what are they?

A:  Sometimes, we have either bought crackers or cookies, but usually we don´t have anything. 

Q: Do you have district mtgs?  And, when?  How many are in your district?

A: Yes we have d.m.s every Tues at 10.  There are 8 in our district. The elders and 6 Hermanas.  (leaving the zone leaders and the other 2 Hermanas in the other district.)

Q: Do you study in Spanish or English or both?

A: I study Spanish...when I get the chance. There is a lot of work and sadly more often than not I don´t get much time to study.  

Q: Do you have time to correspond with any of your friends?

A: Yea, we send short emails back and forth. 

Q: Have there been any transfers or has one passed and are you staying put?
A:  We had transfers the Monday after my b'day and the next one is the wkd of conference.

The pix are of the area, paved is the main street that is now the divider of the area.

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