Monday, April 7, 2014

two days of WOW!!!

Hola familia, how are you all doing after the amazing conference, (ps fam thanks for the photos of the food...I am now super hungry and craving everything that you had.) 

Anyway, I am still on a spiritual high. We "the gringos of the zone" were able to watch it in English in one of the rooms in the stake center, and can I just say how weird it was to watch it all in English and be speaking "spanglish" (b/c I can't write nor speak in all English at this point) and it is super funny to look at my notes that are also in "spanglish" haha but what can ya do? 

I don't know about you guys but I found a lot of answers to my questions and found a lot of the themes of this conference were focusing on the basics of the Church and the basics of the truth.  There were repeated talks about looking for the truth, being obedient, and of course the subject that popped out the most to us, Missionary work. It is just taking off like a rocket. 

It was cool to hear all the stats of the church with the count of stakes, wards, branches, members, baptisms and missionaries.  Something big is definitely coming- soon and fast. Like everyone said it is the time to make sure that we are anchored to the Truth, doing the basics, and preparing ourselves for what lies ahead.  

It was cool to hear the announcement about the revelation of Christs birth being yesterday, the reorganization of the church and another fun fact: the 121st anniversary of the Salt Lake Temple! woo. I love the temple and I miss it just as much as you guys and the mountains! hehe and how sad we were to hear that they would not and will not be announcing more temples for a little while, but how cool to hear that when they are all finished we will have 170 operating temples in the world!!! That is a lot. 
This work is moving forward and we need to jump on this bandwagon and push it along. I love being a missionary and seeing the miracles that are happening. Even in these times that we are having with not many investigators. But we are in the process of cleaning the directory, looking for the menos [less] and inactivos [inactive], taking notes on the addresses that don't exist, people that have moved or passed away and so on. It is really great to be helping in some way and I know with our diligence and obedience something great will come.  Like you are always telling me, whatever we do and where ever we go we are always planting seeds, even though sometimes we won't see the results, someone will and it will help their testimonies grow in this gospel.  
I know this Gospel is true. I know Pres Monson is our prophet. I know my Savior lives and that He will come again! I love that we have this very short time to tell the world that we have the Truth!!!

I hope you all have a great week and remember the things that you learned in conference. Those words are scriptures for us to live by today. 
Con mucho Amor, [with much love]
Hna Snow

 Fridays lunch. Oh, it was delicious!

 My outfit for Conferencia on Sunday. :) recognize the shirt? hehe

 Excited to go to conference!!

 Our room full of gringos haha these are all the gringo missionaries minus two that were in the front that didn't make it in the pix, in the zone, watching conference in English in our special little room

Apparently Pres Thurgood got a letter saying the following about packages:

Due to the constraints imposed by the government of Argentina for imports, we are having trouble receiving packages from other countries. Because of these constraints, we recommend that the next time missionaries communicate with their families via email, that they ask them to not send any more packages. If packages are sent, they will probably remain in customs and never reach their destination. We want to clarify that there is no malice in this, but removing these packages from customs is a costly process for the Church and can be avoided, if appropriate measures are taken.

So, for now hold off on the packages, mail not sure on. 

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