Monday, April 28, 2014

Hna. Snow Update

It sounds like we should get parasite results back on Wed. Dani said her energy is coming back but she still feels weak and gets a lot of headaches...oh, and she's still losing her hair. She jokes with her companion that she will go home as a stick w/o hair or weight.

She has to pin her skirts to keep them from falling off, not down, but off. She said nothing fits her including her garments. They are going into their winter so she's able to wear layers just to keep clothes on. 

Here's a funny story she shared with me during our "email chat" they were eating lunch at a members house during the week she was on the pasta and rice diet when for dessert they brought out her favorite...cheesecake, of all things and all times. The one American thing and she couldn't eat it. She was heartbroken.

Here is the description of what is happening to her body that she sent me..."it is like a fish out of water, I am drying out, shriveling up and withering away. My skin is super dry all the time with or without lotion, still don't have much meat on my bones, and still losing hair...with a sensitive scalp that itches a lot....bah"

She feels like they are doing a bunch of things that aren't doing anything. We decided that it's possible that this has been building up because it hit the morning after getting to La Plata. She keeps telling people she's allergic to the city.

Hoping for some answers this week. 

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