Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello and Happy Pascua!

Hello to all, I hope you all had a great Easter week! Cuz we sure did, it is called "la semana santa" or the Sacred/holy week. With activities all week long. . which is great for the people but not so great for the missionaries . . haha the city was practically a ghost town All week. haha, that doesn't make our already difficult work any easier.  So we went looking for less actives and visited members. One of the members showed us a video about how thanks to Christ we are able to live again.  Its on, called "Because of Him". It is an amazing video and I encourage all of you to watch it and share it with friends. 

Being in the mission for Easter has been a blessing, getting to really focus on the life of Christ and his gospel. I have definitely learned and experienced the power of the Atonement during this time and seen it in the lives of those around me.  It is amazing no matter how much I study the Atonement, there is always more to learn. 
And in light of the festivities, the city of La Plata put out an incredible display of "The Last Super" with life like figures in front of one of there Gov. buildings, so of course we went to check it out. Yea, it was amazing, standing back and looking at it, it looks like it could be a painting. (see photo)
I hope you all realize the sacrifice that Christ made for each and every one of us.  It's really too much to comprehend, but we can understand a little more of it everyday.  I am beyond grateful to my Savior for all that he suffered for me and hope that I can one day repay Him.  This mission in only a little part of repaying that debt, and I know that even in these hard times we are having with not many people to teach, we are doing a great service in always testifying of our Lord and our Savior. And I know that even though we don´t understand everything right now, He does and we can turn to Him for guidance and comfort in our toughest moments.  I love my Savior and thank Him and my Father for the chance to be here in Argentina serving a mission, having the experiences that I've had and for learning all that I am.  This church is true and no one can take that testimony away from me.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Hna. Snow

My diet and the kilo of ice cream that we FINALLY bought that I can't eat. It was a shame, I bought food to eat this week and haven't been able to eat any of it. . . sad huh?

 The castle and the chocolate festival- yes there is such a thing. 
(we bought it, I saved it for Easter, I didn't eat it. . .;(

 the banner for the chocolate festival. 
btw I will send the other pix next week


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