Monday, April 14, 2014

Las Misioneras sang as they walked and walked . . .‏

Hola family! I hope your week was just fabulous. Ours was pretty good, but I am pretty sure that this week we covered absolutely every part of our area...and as you can see from the title, we did so walking, sorry I forgot to take a pix of the map of our area to show you how big it is-next week, but trust me it is HUGE!  And because we are in the city we walk or if we have to go really far we take the bus. As for your questions, we do it all, as we are walking we street contact with pass along cards, sometimes if we feel prompted we knock on doors, and on occasion we do get some referrals. But most of the time when we contact them they aren't interested or don't have is a hit an miss. We had exchanges this week, I stayed here with the Hna. Tolman (who was in Idaho with me) who was here in La Plata as her first area when she got to Arg. She was telling me that it was her hardest area so far in the mission...oh goodie. But it is true, we have gone weeks without teaching an investigator. We, right now are teaching lessons to members, menos, activos or trying to update the directory that we have.  We go days with walking and walking sometimes not having one lesson, getting doors shut on us or in most cases the intercom shut off haha. They have door bells with intercoms b/c there will be more than one house or apartment behind the initial door. Like they will have a door and behind this door will be a passage way with the doors to the houses.  So it is VERY different than my other areas, but while we walk we talk, it has been good getting to know my comp and we get along really well, sharing stories and jokes about how some house numbers don't exist or there is now a hospital at the address we were given. And something that is different is they have half one will be 1254 then the next 1254 1/2, and the next 1256. haha I thought it was funny when Hna. Medina first pointed it out to me.

As for the blood work. We got them while in exchanges and then realized that it was all in Spanish and  didn't´understand anything, So we took them to our bishops wife and what I understood from her is that one of my hormones is out of whack. She told us that with it some effects are hair loss, weight loss and dry skin all of which I had and still have a bit of. Finally some answers. Then she said that I needed to have more analysis done. Oh dear and that she would call her doctor. I told her that in interviews that Wed. (this was on Thurs) Pres. Thurgood told me that when I get the results to call the mission doctor. Long story short we called him. I tried to explain what I could and gave him the number of the bishops wife so she could explain it more. Now we are just waiting to hear back from him to see what the next step will be. . .Oh what a roller coaster it has been. As far as being sick goes (besides the cold that both my comp and I have because it is FREEZING here right now) my energy is back and the vertigo is pretty much gone, my stomach is still not normal and I think I am still losing weight giving the fact that I don't fit in ANYTHING. Like my ring doesn't even fit anymore. hehe oh the adventures of the mission. I told Hna Medina that I have never had anything like this happen in my life, then I thought about it and said well never in my life have I been on a mission. haha good times, good times. 

Also we had to go to Buenos Aires again for my visa papers . .(a lot easier from La Plata, catching the train from La Plata and ending up in the HUGE train station in Buenos Aires. Anyway, to sum it up we went to one place, they said we needed to go to immigration to get something done, we went there they said that something was missing and dates were expired (because if I had everything set and ready that would be way too easy, right?) so we have to go back on the 22nd. haha btw this all happened Wed. we caught the 7:30 train, were in Buenos Aires by 9:15ish, met the missionary couple and  a couple other missionaries caught the bus did it all, then we had to leave to get back for interviews at 2:00. Hna Medina and I caught the subway (yea they have a subway in Buenos Aires) to get back to Constitution train station to catch the train to La Plata, arriving at the capilla with time to spare luckily, After interviews we met the Hnas in the church we all went to have lunch at the members house and went to work. It was quite the day that is for sure. 

Sat. we had lunch with some members and their friend who was an inv. before we found out when we went to share a thought and he asked if he could get his Book of Mormon. ha we ended up teaching and testifying, we invited him to church but he said that he didn't have much interest. So Sunday we were a little shocked and a lot excited to see him walk in the doors all dressed in a suit and tie with the members. It was awesome and we finally had an investigator in Church. ha Fasting and praying work!!!!
Anywho, I hope you had fun reading only part of our many adventures this week, can't wait to see what this week brings.
Love you all! 
Hna Snow

 hopefully you get them this time...
Hna Vasquez- the before shot

 the during . . 

 the during again


 the after with the pile of hair, hehe not bad for my first hair cut huh? 
at least it was somewhat straight. ha 
the pix of my hair wet, you can really tell in this one, 
it is longer and I think I have less now then I did in this photo
 baptism of Carlos he is the tall one with white hair
 baptism of Susana

big blue - Hunt's this one's for you! 

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