Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Feliz Año Nuevo! [Happy New Year!]

Still can´t believe that it is 2014...pero bueno [but good]. I hope you all had a great New Years. Sounds like you each had your own little parties to go to. We celebrated with fireworks and heat...okay, not really, but there were fireworks in the neighborhood, and they were really loud. We were in la casa [the house] sleeping until midnight, when Dolores blew up in celebration.  haha

As I wrote really fast last week, we had transfers, and I found out that I was training...yea, I was a little stressed out about that with being in Dolores where everything is just complicated. I can tell you that in the week before, I had the feeling that I would be training, so I prayed really hard that Heavenly Father to send me someone that could help us with this area. And I can tell you (not only from this experience but many others too) that He does answer prayers!! My new comp Hna Vasquez, is incredible. She is from Lima Peru, she is 22 (my first comp that is my age, jaja [haha]) she is a convert of 6 years and is the only member in her family.  She is straight from two weeks in the MTC here in ARG and knows this gospel, and can really relate to all.  After the first few days, my thoughts were, ´yea I can do this, I can train her to be a missionary and show her the ropes of the Mission Buenos Aires Sur [South], and I have feeling that I will learn a lot from her in this next transfer.  

Not much else happened this week, Dolores is still like a ghost town with practically no one here, as they are in La Costa for the holidays and their summer break. So the work is hard and painfully slow. Oh goody, what a great time to be training right...no pressure or anything. haha jk. But really this week was slow with only a handful of lessons.  But, on the flip side, when looking thru our area book under the future and old investigators, trying to find people to visit, when we went looking for the names we actually found a few people home that agreed to set appointments with us this week.

Woo! So needless to say we have to be patient (it is useful that I have acquired a bit more patience with this area in the last transfer), and with diligence and perseverance we will be able to see the blessings and ¨fruits of our labors¨.  The other problem, other than the fact that there is not really anyone here, is that many people are die hard Roman Catholic. Catholic or Evangelists and have no desire to change religions, but always love to just chat with us. Awe gracias [thank you]...making it a little harder to find new investigators that will progress. We are going to have to get creative in our teaching and in using the Spirit as a guide as to what to do. 
We will have to see how this week goes. Hope you all have a great week. Until next week.
Chao, y mucho amor, [Chao and much love]

Hna Snow

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