Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's HOT!

Hola mommy,
It has been a good week, we were supposed to teach Robert last night but they rescheduled for next week. Last update on him though, he believes there is a God, but he is not so sure about Christ. The last lesson was at members home and I guess they stayed and talked to the members for like 40 min after the lesson. So that was good. We will see what goes on next week.

Sadly, I haven't gotten to talk to Silvia in a couple weeks, a lot happened in their family in the last couple weeks and we haven't been able to see them very much, much less give them a thought or lesson. Hopefully things are going well now and we will be able to get back to them. I miss talking to her, I hope she is doing okay. 

We are teaching this lady and her husband who is less active.  She lost her daughter a few years ago and didn't understand why.  But since we have been teaching her we have helped her understand that when she gets baptized she can go to the temple and do the work for her, which has helped her so much in progressing and understanding. She has a baptism date for the end of the month and she is super excited! When we set it she told everyone! She is progressing a lot and it really does help having lessons at a members house.

The temperatures have been in the upper 90's this week, yup very hot! Yesterday as we came out of our dinner appt. we got in the car and started cooking from the inside out. The temp said 122. . but maybe that is b/c we parked the car facing the sun. But it was still uber hot!

I got your letter, thank you so much for the sd card.  Looks like you had a really fun time at your convention. Thanks for the money, I will let you know with pictures what we used it for. :)  I am not allowed to read the newspaper article about the broadcast, maybe I can get sister Davis to read it. .haha btw she really appreciated your card.  I was so sad to hear about Millie. Thanks for the Obit. though, that I read. My prayers go to Brady and Amanda Flamm.  I don't even know what to say. She was such a happy and positive little one, and she will be missed. But I guess she accomplished what she needed to.  That is one thing that a lot of investigators have trouble with is why would God take the ones they love so much, we can try to help them understand as best we can that their work here on Earth was accomplished and it was time for them to go home. 

Glad you guys had a fun trip, and it is funny about McKayla. [Stayed @ LuWana's and is not use to rules] Oh, Luwana and her rules. Funny thing there is a member up here that reminds me of LuWana and Sandra combined.[My two sisters] She is super healthy and thin but has the rules and spiritualness of LuWana. haha oh and you know the white bowls with the blue flower things around the outside? [referring to Corelle Dishes...Brad & I both brought into the marriage 25 years ago] Yea well everyone and their dog have them up here!! haha no joke I have seen them at probably 5 or so houses. It is kinda weird I am not going to lie.

Remember that shirt I told you about, that I accidently machine washed instead of hand washing . .and it shrunk? It is the shirt Hna Gorriti is wearing in this picture.
Have a good week and Happy Fourth of July. We are pretty excited for it, b/c we get an ALL DAY P-DAY!! It is going to be great! I will let you know all about it next week.

Love you tonz
Hermana Snow
Hi dad,
It sounds like you had a great time at Youth Con. that is cool that you were able to see Shay in her new habitat. haha yes at that age slow dances are just awkward. [referring to McKayla]  oh both of them are growing up. I am glad you all had a great week full of fun activities.

Thanks for your prayers, I can feel them working. Thanks for everything, Have a great week! Like I told mom we get an all day P-day for the Fourth and are super excited!!
Love you much!
Hermana Snow

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