Monday, July 22, 2013

Hola bright and early . .

Mon., July 22, 2013

Hola Fam.
Sorry to be emailing so early, we are going to IF for P-day, so I won't get your emails 'til next week . .but feel free to send me a letter via snail mail.  :) 
I finally got both your letter and McKayla's letter in the mail. The pictures from your primary class are super cute and I might just hang them around my bed. haha [Primary Lesson was on Missionaries. My 4-5 yr olds colored pix for Dani]

The past few days have flown by yet it has felt like a uber long week. Strange how that works. Things have been going good. It is weird to think that it has only been like 5 days since Sister Gorriti left. We miss her but Sister Espiritu is just as amazing a missionary as Sister Gorriti is. She has such an enthusiastic drive and fire to her that is rather contagious. She is from Southern Cali, kinda by Oceanside, and she has been out almost 7 months.  She is already rubbing off on both of us. Her Spanish is great and she is super helpful and encouraging, just as Sis Gorriti was.  She has full confidence in both of us that by the time we get to Argentina our Spanish will be amazing, so I we will see what happens.  I feel like my Spanish is coming, I can understand it, it is the speaking part that I kinda have trouble with.  But we aren't teaching a lot in Spanish right now so we don't get a lot of practice outside of the little practice we get during study. I know it will take time.  
We have a couple Baptisms coming up. Debrah on the 27th, and Caleb an 11 year old on the 3rd of Aug. Both are super excited and can't wait to be baptized.  Debrah is all worried that no one will be there and things won't be done or together in time, but we told her don't worry, we are working on the program with the WML, and as far as attendance I think it will surprise her as to how much support she really has in the ward and in her husbands family. It should be a really great day for her and her family! 

Caleb is also super excited to get baptized.  When we go over to visit or teach he is always volunteering to say the prayers and to answer questions.  His grandpa, whom him and his family are living with, is a less active but with the encouragement and help of Caleb he is slowly making his way back. He is even trying to work toward being able to baptize Caleb.  I hope he is able to make that a goal and follow through, it will make that day that much more special for both of them.  He is such a smart kid and he understands everything.  When he was younger he sat in on the lessons with his sisters and he says that he remembers some things, but this is a good refresher for him.  He is going to scouts and church with friends and his grandpa is coming to church again.  

It is so cool to see the hand of the Lord in all the work we do and how it can change lives for the better, how the plan of salvation can change a families perspective about life, not only if they have gone through difficult times of losing someone,  and to see seeds being planted and also the seeds that are sprouting into a desire to learn.  

That is all we have going on for now.  We are still just chugging along with the work and trying to find people to teach.  
I hope all is going well for everyone.  Can't wait to hear about all your crazy stories. Love you all! 

Hermana Snow

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