Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crazy with Life!

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Hi mom, 
Wow yea our house is a revolving door. haha but it keeps life exciting, right? Sounds like it should be an exciting week for you all. Tell everyone hello for me. You will have to let me know how you being home alone for that long goes. . [Brad and McKayla went to Youth Conference] How is it just being a family of 3 now? 
Yes, I got your pix letter. Thanks.  Oh, that is so cool!! [I met Erin Gruwell "Freedom Writers"] I can't wait to read it. [Bought her latest book "Teach with your Heart] That is so cool that you got to meet her. 
Oh good I am glad you got to watch the broadcast [The Work of Salvation], yes it was amazing! Can't wait to see what all these changes bring! It is so exciting to be out here and a part of it all! 

Here is my story for the week.  . 
It was exciting, our investigator Raul, came to the Spanish Branch yesterday and was welcomed by so many. He understood what was going on more and he had a smile on his face that was so big.  And then we got out of the, what we thought was going to be a one hour fireside but ended up being 2 hours, Raul was sitting out in the foyer. He dropped his daughter off and we didn't think he would come back, but he did, and he listened to the whole thing out there, we were so excited to see him, but felt bad that he didn't come in a find us. Any who, one reason we were so excited was that he ended up going to church for 5 hours straight yesterday and he is not even a member! haha so cool! Now we just have to get him baptized! haha 

Thanks for the emails, letters, support, love and everything else. It really helps, as does the bright sunshiny days that we have been having. I don't realize how white I am until I step legs are reflective. haha my arms have a little bit from sticking them out the window.  

I hope everything goes well for you all! 
mucho amor
Hermana Snow

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