Monday, July 15, 2013

Life and a revolving door‏

Mon., July 8, 2013
I hope that is okay that I answer both yours and dad's questions in the same email. .
You should invite the missionaries over for dinner, it is so fun having dinner with the members here and both parties learn something. :) and did you get my memory cards?!?!? I copied all the pix onto my USB just in case, but I haven't heard anything. .
Hola Parentals,
I am doing fabulous. I have heard nothing on my VISA. . no emails,. nada.
We watched the Joseph Smith movie with Robert and his wife yesterday. His first comment was I don't buy it. He didn't like how Joseph Smith was portrayed and how he went around healing people. We tried to explain what was going on cuz it sounded like he didn't quite understand. We got out of him that He does believe that Christ was our Savior but not any of the J. Smith stuff. I can tell you that was not the anwer or comment that I expected. It helped that we had the lesson at a member's house so we could all bear our testimony about Joseph Smith and that he was the Prophet of the Restoration and that all of that really happened. I hope that he can go to Heavenly Father with that real desire to know and that he can get his answers.
We saw Silvia and her parents in Wal-mart on the Fourth but we haven't had a real visit. They weren't exactly progressing so we stopped teaching them. We try to stop by and visit though. I will keep you posted as much as I can on that baptism. Transfer calls are this week and transfers next week. The anticipation is killing us not knowing what is going on. . . I will know more next week.
About the article, [sent article LDS Missions: Using Web to reach out] I couldn't read it b/c it was out of the newspaper .. who knows I probably wasn't allowed to read Millie's obit, but I did, whoops if I wasn't supposed to. I will repent for that. :) I will print out the rest of your letter and read it later, if that is okay.
The 4th was awesome. we went to a couple of breakfasts, had a zone lunch and played games at the park, went to a few dinners, and ended up at the Davis's for dinner and fireworks, where we watched the Blackfoot fireworks from their backyard. I will include pix. I can't wait for you to meet them, they are pretty cool.
Now for dad's.
Thanks for the quotes, like mom's letter I will print yours and read it later. But for the questions. Things this week have been good, we are still getting a lot of referrals from members. We have a baptism scheduled for the end of the month, but whether or not we will be here for it we don't know. She is uber excited and has been telling everyone that she is getting baptized. We have a couple new investigators, one is a very cute and athletic girl who is 15 and reminds me a ton of Mckayla. She and her mom are inactive but she has a brother on a mission in S. America.
Transfer calls are this week so I will let you know what happens with that next week. I still have heard no word on the VISA. My comp Hna Froerer heard that those in her district from the MTC have started getting theirs, but I have heard nothing about my district . .so who knows.
Well I hope you all had a good Fourth!! Love you all.
Nos Vamos!
Hermana Snow
1. Haha mom here is the treat(s) you bought! [Sent her $20 "Treats on Me"] I made both for our Zone lunch. The guac was gone before we knew it, but there was some left over dip that we are still enjoying.
2. Our group watching fireworks, there is us three, the Davis family and Sis. Davis's sister Sister Salmon's family. it was a blast!!!

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