Monday, July 15, 2013


Mon., July 15, 2013

Yea, we didn't see you guys, either time sorry. Yea, I know you aren't that hard to miss haha. [Spent weekend in Idaho camping/4 wheeling. Honked as we drove past Blackfoot exit]

Walmart and DI don't have much for cute, cheap summer shirts, and it is really hot to layer lots of shirts or use a cardigan. Yea, if you could keep your eyes open that would be great. Thanks for keeping an eye on my bank account, I am trying not to spend too much.  No I have not gotten your letters yet. . still waiting, but I hope I get them today. ;)

Things here are just chugging along. We had transfer calls on Thurs, Hna Gorriti is being transferred to Soda Springs for the last 6 weeks of her mission. and Hna Froerer and I have still not heard anything pertaining to our Visa's so we are still going to be here in Blackfoot, we are getting a new sister, Sister Espiritu to be our new senior comp. She is from Mexico and is currently serving in IF. We were a little shocked when we got the call on Thurs. She [Hna Gorriti] didn't think that she would be leaving for the last transfer... but the Lord needs her in Soda, she will be white-washing the area and training a new sister. We are gettig 41 new missionaries on Wed, 12 being visa waiters. crazy huh?
The work is still going, we have gotten a couple new investigators and are still trying to teach 20 lessons a week. Which has been going good, this week we only got 14 but last week we had 21, it was a good but busy week. I like getting so much experience, the only downside, we have kinda lost all our Spanish investigators, so we haven't really been teaching/ speaking Spanish much lately,. only what little we do in comp study while we practice.
Yesterday, in one (out of the 5) wards we visited I saw Hermana Clark [Sister from her MTC District who was sent home to Blackfoot, ID with health issues. When Dani got to Blackfoot she had been reassigned to Mesa, AZ] ...I was kinda surprised. Apparently she is really sick so they sent her home, the poor girl. She told us to call her so she could come out with us.  At least she still got some experience in the MTC and in the Field. . but still.
We had a Missionary Musical Fireside in Pocatello last night, all missionaries, all singing with a couple testimonies, that we put on for anyone (members or investigators) that were interested in coming. It was fun and we got a lot of compliments. Our zone sang a mash of 'Praise to the man' that led into 'We'll bring the world His truth'. It was pretty cool being able to share the spirit and our message of the Restoration and the Savior through song!

Well, I hope you all are doing well and that things are going well. Can't wait to get your letters.
Love you all!
Hermana Snow

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