Sunday, August 24, 2014

If you could find where this last YEAR went that would be great.

Monday, August 11, 2014
Yea, so this week I realized that I hit a year in Argentina. I am not exactly sure how this happened but it did and I have to accept this fact and carry on.  And that is what I am doing.

This past week we've been finding some menos activos, each with a different story and history as to why they left the church or just stopped going.  It is amazing how many down here have left. Some just because life got in the way, others because they didn't agree with somethings, others cuz things are hard, others who had strong testimonies and one thing happens and they don't want anything to do with it or hear what they need to do b/c "they know what they need to do" . . this far in my mission and I still don't understand. 
With one he told us that he is super busy with work and is backed up for the next couple weeks and that the Lord can wait a little for him to finish all the projects that he is working on. . Um, okay let me know how that works for you. But the only thing we can do is bare our testimonies and pray that the spirit will confirm our words and one day they will realize their actions.  
Wednesday we had our zone conference, IT WAS AMAZING as usual, but seriously, they are just so so good and spiritual, it is just great! We talked more about this pilot that we are doing to try and reactivate the menos activos and thru them find new investigators and how we can work more effectively.  Hna Thurgood spoke on our preparedness as missionaries and what we can do to be prepared for any situation, but she specified on the food and water storage and to have enough for 2 or 3 days. . it is as though something is coming.  Its crazy the things that are going on and being completed that have been predicted and talked about for centuries, we really are in the last days and EVERYONE  can tell. But one thing she said really stuck with me, ¨This is not a journey for the weak¨  and oh how true it is, Satan is attacking us from all sides with whatever means that he can, and right now it is more focused on the youth and the family. Yesterday morning (like 8:15) we passed a kid about 13 years old who was drunk and walking the streets . . a little ways down Hna Villa and I talked about how sad it was to see this in the world, chicos out and about doing whatever thing they please with the parents not worrying about what they are doing. Sharing this experience with the members that we had lunch with I told them that after experiences like this it makes you stop and think just how good we really have it, as members of the church of Jesus Christ and to KNOW of our potential and worth as children of God, the blessings, guidance, happiness that we have and can have in this life and the life to come.  
There we have handfuls of menos or inactivos, here we have a handful of active members. And a list a mile long of those who need rescuing, who just need that little push or a hug to tell them that they are still loved by a Father who is watching over them in every moment. That even through everything that they have gone thru, He is still there at the door waiting with an outstretched hand to lift us or outstretched arms waiting for us to come back.  I know this is true now more than ever and my testimony is engraven.  But even with that there are those that fall. The General Authorities that have come, namely some of the 70 and Elder Holland, have said that the percentage of RM's that go inactive is bigger now more than ever. It has gone from 1 in 7 to 1 in 5 and now sadly, it is 1 in 3.  We are in the Front lines of a battle that is in full force, that will strain out the weak and make us show what we have. Like Hna Thurgood said "This is not a journey for the weak". 
I hope you all remember WHO you are, what your POTENTIAL is, WHO is there waiting for you and WHO is ALWAYS by your side.
Love you all! Have a great week!!
Hna Snow

 this week sí!!!La Plata, 
1. Our awesome district! In our last district meeting before transfers
2 The fabulous crazy zone of la plata! 
This zone was super close and super fun kinda like my first in La Costa

 1. My new comp. Hna Villarreal, 19 from Rosario Argentina, convert as of 5 or so years
2. The sky line of the city, from parts of our area you can see La Plata. ha

1. Hna Knowlton decided to translate the area La Plata 2 means the money 2. haha
2. Our last comp pix on the train to transfers dark and early

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