Monday, August 25, 2014

Days are weeks and weeks are days. ..

Hola hola hola hola, 
Wow for reals, the days are just flying by now, sometimes when we get home to plan the things we did in the morning feel like they happened the day before. It is super crazy. 
This week was just as crazy and fun. Our investigator Florencia is so ready to be baptized!! She has come to church with her 3 girls and they just love it.  Her oldest is in the YW's and is starting to work on Personal Progress. The middle is starting to actually stay in the house while we are there and the youngest is starting to warm up to us more and more. She is talking like crazy and we just love them all so much.  We have a stake temple trip planned for this weekend (and we are praying that we are going to be able to go) we talked to Florencia and she said that she is going with her girls and has worked it out with her mom, a recent convert, to make sure that they will all be able to go.  Oh it is super exciting to be able to see them progress, it is just a little sad that I miss the baptism by 4 days...oh well at least I will be able to see the pix on Facebook. haha. 

We also visited a menos activa who we found out is receiving chats from the Jehovah Witnesses . . yea we were a little surprised ourselves. She told us that what they say makes sense and that the bible has everything.  We shared a scripture out of the Book of Mormon and she asked where it is in the bible. . oh honey, we even went back to the basics that the Book of Mormon AND the bible have the fulness of the gospel, that the BOM is just more from God for us now, and that the BOM is what sets us apart from all of the other churches.  But she still just went off about the bible.  It made me think, and I still don't understand, how one could have a testimony of this book that we have and then drop it all. 
I Love reading the Book of Mormon and I really find something new in it every time. I just hope one day all these people, that are walking a different path, will be able to find there way back and that they can have a new appreciation for what we have as members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, cuz I CERTAINLY do, and it grows stronger everyday.
Sorry to make this one a bit shorter, we didn't have a whole lot of time to write. Talk to you next week (hopefully) 
Love you all tonz and bunches!!
Hna Snow

my birthday. 
the avocados here with HUGE seeds 
the member that gave them to us told me to take the seeds home and plant them in Utah.:)

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